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If I Never Met You Bestselling Author Mhairi McFarlane Returns With Another Heartfelt Romantic Comedy Perfect For Fans Of Josie Silver, Sophie Kinsella, Or Sally ThorneIf Faking Love Is This Easy How Do You Know When It S Real When Her Partner Of Over A Decade Suddenly Ends Things, Laurie Is Left Reeling Not Only Because They Work At The Same Law Firm And She Has To See Him Every Day Her Once Perfect Life Is In Shambles And The Thought Of Dating Again In The Age Of Tinder Is Nothing Short Of Horrifying When News Of Her Ex S Pregnant Girlfriend Hits The Office Grapevine, Taking The Humiliation Lying Down Is Not An Option Then A Chance Encounter In A Broken Down Elevator With The Office Playboy Opens Up A New PossibilityJamie Carter Doesn T Believe In Love, But He Needs A Respectable, Steady Girlfriend To Impress Their Bosses Laurie Wants A Hot New Man To Give The Rumor Mill Something Else To Talk About It S The Perfect Proposition A Fauxmance Played Out On Social Media, With Strategically Staged Photographs And A Specific End Date In Mind With The Plan Hatched, Laurie And Jamie Begin To Flaunt Their New Couple Status, To The Astonishment And Jealousy Of Their Friends And Colleagues But There S A Fine Line Between Pretending To Be In Love And Actually Falling For Your Charming, Handsome Fake Boyfriend 4.5 highly recommending stars.I ll keep the plot description very brief So, Laurie s looooong term partner just ups and leaves, the PRICK In comes her gorgeous colleague Jamie Carter Jamie has the great idea that he and Laurie should fake date to make her ex jealous, and to clean up his promiscuous rep Let the good times roll, rightMight as well fit Carter with a GoPro, from what I ve heard The secret life of the neighbourhood tom I never in a million years thought that this book could do all that it did, in such a short time I related to it, it drew me miles in I didn t know whether to laugh or cry with every turn of the page How Mhairi delivered the Dan blow, and still restored my faith in the men of the cough, fictional world, I ll never know Actually I do know, it was our Jamie and his million layersJamie Carter, what an unlikely hero In that second she wondered if she loved him Laurie was literally one of the wittiest heroines I ve ever encountered and Jamie was unexpectedly but certainly her perfect match These two first developed a deep friendship, and thefrom there was done beautifully, very naturalI scoffed at the idea anyone could make you see your life through new eyes and I m so, so glad to be wrong Mhairi McFarlane is everything I never knew I needed, cliche I know but I am so excited by her writing, how freaking funny is she All I want to do is read all of her books, STAT If I Never Met You was very close to perfect There was one or two little things, but very, very small complaints from meeee ARC kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Quotes are subject to change before publication. Four shiny, funny, heartwarming, in the love of rom coms and all the sweet, entertaining but also a little tolerable angsty stars I think I truly admit Mhairi McFarlene is one of my favorite rom com writers along with Marian Keyes She has humorous, sarcastic sense of humor She knows how to deal with inner feelings, impeccably approaches dysfunctional family problems, traumas, losses and handles those heavy issues with care When it comes to the angsty parts of her books, they are always well balanced, not to heart ripping, agitated, painful but also not hearts and flowers kind of sweetness you ve found in them It hurts you but never breaks you And she truly knows how to create lovely characters I loved her previous works I lately enjoyed Don t You Forget About Me and I felt like I got another early Christmas gift when I found this precious, lovely book at my shelf After Simple Minds invasion, this book made me sing Purple Rain aloud I m still so sorry for the disturbance I gave I know I made too many children cry But let s look from the bright side I got paid bribe money to stop singing Another s pain my gain What can I sing I never meant to cause you any sorrow I only wanted to one time to see you laughing I know this arranged, fake office romances are similar and foreseeable Here is the formula Mostly the man whore Alpha male suffers from bad reputation threatening his hardly earned position So he needs someone to impress his bosses and fix his bad boy image.We have always steady, hard worker, tough, mostly smart business woman who hates the guts of the Alpha male but finally she accepts the offer because of a carrier leverage or a heartbreak or boredom, choose one of them But their faking relationship turns into a real one and none of them are brave enough to confess how they feel for each other, so they do stupid mistakes, tell lies, ends relationship And we see some breakup suffering dealing with the feelings loneliness angst, tears, suffering parts.Then we see a great gesture comes from one of the parties And they kiss and we get our happy ending.And the differences of this book from this formula Jamie Carter is not pretentious, irritating man whore From the beginning he respects Laurie and he always acts like gentleman and walks on the eggshells not to make a mistake He is ambitious, smart, hardworking Alpha, but when he is with Laurie, who knows where he stands and he never patronizes her, on contrary to Laurie s shameless ex Dan, he believes Laurie can do anything she puts on her mind.And Laurie is not typical dull, carrier oriented, obnoxious girl we read from several rom coms She s smart, funny, sexy Her confidence wounded because of betrayal of her ex which is normal because they truly grew up and spent nearly half of their lifetimes together First she accepted this faking game for making jealous his ex who dumbs her, telling he doesn t want children and he impregnates a woman from their office after their breakup So he is the winner of slap contest and I personally love to give him best leading douchebag award of the year So Laurie is shaken, shocked and her heart is broken But this faking game helps her to see her own life with another perspective and discover her own family resentments, past mistakes.Other parts are book fit the formula but I loved both of those characters Their faults, flaws, past mistakes, suffers, insecurities are easy to empathize And of course I really enjoyed the writing of the author She s a humorous wizard who knows how to play with the words and gives them magical, joyful meanings which always make you laugh, sigh and warm your heart.So this book was positively amazing break and great choice as a weekend reading after all those scary Halloween overload I can admit that I even love this book than Don t you forget about me.As a summary I TRULY LOVED THIS BOOK Special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers William Morrow Paperbacks to share this wonderful ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review. 99 pennies on kindle, lads 4.5 This book was a de fuckin light. It s by far one of the most wittiest stories I ve read and I m kicking myself for not having read a novel by Mhairi McFarlane sooner This is a mistake that will be dealt with I RECEIVED AN ARC Thank you, Harper Fiction A heart warming, emotional, yet fun tale of heartbreak, friendship and self discovery Laurie, 36 thought she had it all, a great job as a lawyer, a lovely home, and a long term boyfriend of 18 years, who she was planning to have a baby with Then seemingly out of nowhere he said he didn t want kids, ended the relationship and moved out But unfortunately they worked together, so she had to see him at the office everyday To make matters worse, he then announced he had a new girlfriend, who was pregnant In shock, and devastated by the brutal turn of events, Laurie starts up a fake relationship with Jamie Carter, a playboy lawyer at her firm to help her save face, and to hep him with his career.I really liked a lot of things about this book, and I stayed up way too late reading it Fake dating Slow burn romance Set in the amazing city of Manchester Strong writing Strong mixed raced woman Great feminism and social justice, but not too in your face we all know i hate that Likeable characters Modern Funny I really liked Laurie, she was smart and funny, and it was refreshing to read about an older woman who was rediscovering herself, and putting her life back together after such a setback I really felt for her, having her life turned upside down, and I felt her pain and loss as she not only lost her partner, but one of her best friends, when she lost Dan The first part of the book where she just kept getting knocked down, was brutal and very emotional It was tough, but so realistic how this book showed the disintegration of a good long term relationship, but also how maybe when you look back, you can see that the relationship wasn t that good really, that you just couldn t see it when you were in it This has happened to quite a few of my friends Laurie was the nice girl, the reliable and nice one, so to see her come out of her shell whilst fake dating Jamie was lovely I thought the breakup was realistic, and I loved Laurie s relatable character As a mixed raced woman, Laurie had to deal with quite a bit of racism for all of her life, hearing things like so where are you from No but where are you really from Etc I think it was well done, because as much as we want to believe we re past all of that, there are still huge pockets of Britain which are hugely racist Laurie s workplace was also written well I thought it was quite a toxic, gossipy place, almost like living in a goldfish bowl, and I ve definitely worked in a few places with a similar atmosphere Poor Laurie not only had her personal life come crashing down, but then had to deal with her whole office talking about it Not to mention how badass she was as a woman working in a mostly white male industry, dealing with workplace sexism Jamie was adorable Billed as a playboy, he wasn t what he seemed at all I loved that he was so ambitious, and didn t play the game, despite it affecting his relationship with the other men at the firm I liked how Laurie brought out his softer side, especially on the trip to his hometown of Lincoln, where we met his friends and family It was so great that he had a female best friend, Hattie,we should see of that in books I really enjoyed seeing Jamie support, encourage and stand up for Laurie,Other things I liked was Laurie and her mum s relationship growth, the banter between Jamie and Laurie, but also between Laurie and her best friend Emily I loved their friendship, it was everything I also liked Nadia, and her blunt take on things Another great friendship was with Bharet in Laurie s office The characters were all realistic and flawed, and I liked that This book was the fluffy read that my heart needed However, I did feel that the ending was very rushed After all the excellent build up and character development, the romantic drama at the end didn t really feel in keeping with the rest of the book to me Maybe the author ran out of words and had to wrap it up quick I would ve liked to see of Laurie and Jamie as an actual couple.Alsothe lack of sexy times disappointed this reader I m all for a slow burn romance, and the inclusion of family and friendships, but there just wasn t enough steam And fade to black doesn t even cover it for the sex scene we did have, it jumped from them getting it on, to Laurie telling her friends about it the next day grumpy face All in all though, a really great feel good and entertaining read, with some fabulous humour Many thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss for thus ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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