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ICARUS FALLEN 2/E (Crosscurrents) It would be difficult to find a perceptive description of Western man and the world he now inhabits than that provided by Chantal Delsol in Icarus Fallen The Search for Meaning in an Uncertain World With style and lucidity, Delsol likens contemporary Western man to the mythical figure Icarus, fallen back to earth after trying to reach the sun, alive but badly shaken and confused During the twentieth century, Delsol argues, man flew too closely to the sun of utopian ideology Having been burned, he is now groping for a way to orient himself But the ideas he once held so dearinevitable progress, the possibility of limitless social and self transformationare no longer believable, and he has, for the most part, long since rejected the religious tradition that might now have provided an anchor Delsol s portrait is engrossing She explains how we have come simultaneously to embrace the good but reject the true how we have sacralized rights and democracy and how we have lost our sense of the tragic and embraced the idea of zero risk Already a well known political thinker in her native France, this is Delsol s first book to appear in English Icarus Fallen should establish her as one of the most insightful social and cultural writers working on either side of the AtlanticThis is simply the best book about the problems of modern man since Christopher Lasch s Culture of Narcissism It is so crammed with truth and insight that, as someone once said of Chesterton, every line deserves a reviewThe American ConservativeAn extensive evaluation of the pitfalls of modern times and the strict limits on human virtues, Icarus Fallen, is strongly recommended reading for students of th Century Philosophy, Politics, and HistoryWisconsin Bookwatch

About the Author: Chantal Delsol

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the ICARUS FALLEN 2/E (Crosscurrents) book, this is one of the most wanted Chantal Delsol author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “ICARUS FALLEN 2/E (Crosscurrents)

  1. Peter Uys Peter Uys says:

    Intended as a sociology of the mind, this essay examines the existential uncertainty and barren spiritual landscape that Chantal Delsol observes in Europe She portrays the continent s postmodern cultural confusion in terms of an Icarus who survived the fall but suffers from paralyzing injuries The Europea

  2. Brian C. Brian C. says:

    Read it ASAP

  3. Andrei Andrei says:

    A must read.

  4. Dennislmlewis Dennislmlewis says:

    The book arrived on time and in excellent condition This is a superb text by a refreshingly original thinker.

  5. Ben Barfett Ben Barfett says:

    Captivating insights on the modern human condition Highly recommended.

  6. recluse recluse says:

    2005 Strange Death of EuropeThe Strange Death of Europe Immigration, Identity, Islam 50 2003 1 Western Man icarus 2 18 reference point good truth hierarchy values order The Clandestine ideology of our time The Rejection of Worldviews Production and Care giving Sacralisation of rights LGBT biological survival 2000 internet Bernard Crick In Defence of PoliticsIn Defence of Politics Bloomsbury Revelations

  7. Brett Williams Brett Williams says:

    This is one of those very few books in my library that may produce note pages than there are pages in the book itself Delsol is a rare individual with the capacity to see through the societal veil with near perfect clarity, then explain it to the rest of us in a manner so revealing in its simplicity, we wonder why we never saw the truth to begin

  8. Robert E Ashodian Robert E Ashodian says:

    If you want an explanation on the state of current politics, attitudes, ethics and morality, this is the book to read It explains very clearly why are culture, our entertaiment, our national outlook is the way it is Why are political opionions are so filled with hate, why noise overwhelms logic, why good and evil have been so casually mixed up.I have re

  9. RogerB RogerB says:

    Hard read and very deep in political history philosophy Pertains mostly to Europe but parallels with what is happening in the US with relativism A fallen Icarus is a metaphor for Europeans where the sins of everything from Religion and religious wars Facism Communism and even Liberal Democracy Nation building have all been questioned and demonized, leaving man

  10. John Herndon John Herndon says:

    Over eight decades ago, the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset gave his analysis of why the modern man and woman of the 1920s and 1930s seemed so insubstantial compared to the prior generations that had done so much to bring the promises of full blown modernity into reality for the Western European His writing is so direct even in translation and his insights of suc

  11. propertius propertius says:

    It is curious to come across a book that is philosophical in content, timely in purpose, and eminently readable Although ten years old and written for the problems of modern France, it could have been written for present day America.Addressing the problems of modern Western society, it lays an argument that discusses core issues and causes and dares to project into the futu

  12. Dennis B. Mulcare Dennis B. Mulcare says:

    To avoid redundancy, I largely concur with the content of the review labeled Window into the European mind Accordingly, my review addresses just a few thus far uncommented topics My review, over, is made from a perspective on the contemporary circumstances in the United States, not of the European or academic milieu Basically, the author s analysis holds a lot of relevance to the

  13. sheri deloach sheri deloach says:

    Really good read

  14. Samantha.K Samantha.K says:

    Very dense material that took a lot of concentration to read But this book is brilliant in its overall scope.

  15. Rev. Cherrycoke Rev. Cherrycoke says:

    This book is a very readable prose piece about the state of postmodern, Western man It contains almost no philosophical or literary references, and while the author clearly is traversing territory covered by Existentialism, Heideggerian hermeneutics, ethics, negative theologies, postsecularism, and even some branches of postmodernist theory, she does not feel compelled to enter into hard conversation

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