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Humboldt's Cosmos: Alexander Von Humboldt and the Latin American Journey That Changed the Way We See the World A nice recounting of Humboldt s time in the Americas, with some brief discussion of before and after Another reviewer complained that there was nothing new, and that is probably true, but this is still a readable account of the story I read Douglas Botting s book with a similar name, and this was written better, with detail Some of the material reads a lot like Botting, perhaps because both often quote Humboldt himself In some places, the story focuses on things not related to Humboldt For example, the chapter on Humboldt s year in Mexico seems to focus mostly on Cortes and the early conquest of Mexico I didn t mind such diversions, since I still learned a lot, though I did sometimes think that I wanted detail on Humboldt All in all a good read, and I learned a lot. Great book Lots of details about Humboldt growing up, his family influences, jobs in mining, and interests prior to his great adventure to South America I was blown away by his bravery and resilience to improve the scientific landscape dealing with harsh climates, fierce wild animals insects, unknown human dangers etc Worth a read If you are going to read a biography this year, make it this one Gerard Helferich s biography is brilliantly written and entirely readable It is about a man few of us know enough about, but certainly should His far reaching contributions to science and his humanity make it relevant.After reading Prescott s history of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, I was lead to this biography and the joy of learning about a man who explored and understood the land and peoples of South America better than most do today.His five year exploration of South American preceded the Lewis and Clark explorations and this book would rival any written about that historic journey.This publication is exceptional. This book is a very readable account not only of Humboldt s famous travels in the Americas, but also of the factors that influenced his personality and life It is much easier to read than are his own writings, which tend at many points to digress endlessly into detailed descriptions of subjects such as the geology of the Andes or lists of plants described by their scientific names, which will be meaningless to most readers.The author also discusses why it is that Humboldt, although considered a foremost scientist of his time, has largely vanished from public awareness in the modern world We are today aware of people like Newton and Einstein who have made key innovations in specific fields, whereas Humboldt ranged over everything and tried to tie it all together. An amazing journey of discovery in South America, Cuba, and Mexico Humbolt s journeys into major rivers and rain forests were the first for a European naturalist He became world famous for his discoveries in the early 1900s He is not as well known today, but he has natural features worldwide named after him than any other explorer You will be amazed by the conditions he endured in his travels He published over 30 journal volumes describing his travels and research This book does a good job of condensing journal results, putting the travels in today s perspective, but be prepared for lots of details. Gerard Helferich has beautifully captured the adventures and misadventures of Humboldt and his partner as they explore South America and places beyond His writing keeps you hanging on because so much is happening with so many discoveries being made that it is hard to put this book down True, it is tedious at times because while much is the same at each destination and must be described, once you get past this you learn much that is different at each stop along the way They travel the Orinoco and the Rivers with natives as guides and go through some perilous situations, illnesses and weariness as they determinedly make their way In the end Humboldt comes to the conclusion that these so called natives are hiding an intelligence the religious leaders refuse to recognize, calling them dumb and lazy I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes learning and adventure. Extremely interesting adventure slog at times but a very good book Recommend. The thrilling story of the charismatic explorer who Simon Bolivar called the true discoverer of South America and the daring expedition that altered the course of science FromtoGerman naturalist and adventurer Alexander von Humboldt conducted the first extensive scientific exploration of Latin America At the completion of his arduous , mile journey, he was feted by Thomas Jefferson and presented to Napoleon, and, with the subsequent publication of his findings, he would be hailed as the greatest scientific genius of his age Humboldt s Cosmos tells the story of this extraordinary man who was equal parts Einstein and Livingstone, and of the adventure that defined his life Gerard Helferich vividly recounts Humboldt s expedition through the and over the Andes, highlighting his paradigm changing discoveries along the way During the course of the expedition, Humboldt cataloged than , plants, set an altitude record climbing the volcano Chimborazo, and became the first to study the great cultures of the Aztecs and Incas In the process, he revolutionized geology and laid the groundwork for modern sciences such as climatology, oceanography, and geography and his contributions would influence future greats such as Charles Darwin and shape the course of science for centuries to comep Published in time for the bicentennial of the expeditions completion in May , Humboldt s Cosmos is a dramatic tribute to one of history s most audacious adventurers, whom Stephen Jay Gould noted may well have been the world s most famous and influential intellectual This book combined science, history and adventure all in one fascinating read I enjoyed every minute of the book It s a wonderful book. Humboldt was a truly extraordinary character He was a mixture of adventurer and scientist that has rarely been seen, especially with such developed expertise in both areas This biography covers Humboldt s entire life, with special focus on his trip to Latin America between 1799 and 1804.This book is written as an interesting narrative, explaining with only passing remarks the actual science behind his achievements Advances that Humboldt made cover such different fields as botany, geology, geography, anthropology, climatology, magnetism, among others The book is very good at outlining the spirit of those discoveries if you would like an actual explanation, look in the Personal Narratives that Humboldt wrote himself.As an adventurer, he criss crossed South America at a time when much of it was yet undiscovered and uncharted He mapped the Casiquiare canal, which at the time was a legendary connection between the and Orinoco basins He made it from Venezuela to Peru, climbing in the process some of the highest mountains in Latin America including the Chimborazo, which at the time was believed to be the highest mountain in the world and yet unclimbed He was for many years the high altitude record holder of the world.It is amazing such a towering figure is not remembered among the ranks of Einstein, Da Vinci or Darwin I highly recommend this book and finding out about Humboldt, especially if you enjoy science, travel or adventure writing.

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