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Howard Nostrand's Nightmares (Chilling Archives of Horror Comics!) Howard Nostrand s brilliant horror comics art was done during the height of the criticism against comics that resulted in government investigations and the Comics Code Nostrand s style was an incredibly skilled, perfect mashup of the EC artists Wally Wood and Jack Davis Nostrand assisted Bob Powell the subject of the popular book Bob Powell s Terror , but these comics are pure Nostrand, the very best of his fearsome comics Like Powell, Nostrand could be as innovative as Will Eisner, another influence on the artist Featuring five stories painstakingly reproduced from rare, original art, Nostrand s Nightmares includes a profusely illustrated Introduction by Eisner winner Craig Yoe This is an interesting Book It s not the top of the line comix it s a 2nd rate, Which Helps to show why there is a pecking order to comix Don t write it off It is an good addition to my collection The art work is familiar What is the old saying Plagerism is the highest form of flattery Some of the story lines where rushed and didn t make for smooth A thru Z story telling Hey but it s the stuff we loved as kids I recommend the book. If you ve read any of the books produced by Yoe Books and IDW you ll know they re of a high standard and great value This latest collection of 1950s horror comics is another excellent book Focusing on Howard Nostrand s work, the reproduction of complete strips from Harvey comics is top notch Even better, there s a section of pages shot from Nostrand s original artwork, where you can admire every brush stroke These are the sort of nightmares everyone should have Buy Excellent book.Vintage artwork. Great

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