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How Not to Spend Your Senior Year Rule : If at all possible, don't pretend to be something you're not Specifically, don't play dead Trust me on this one I did it, so I should knowJo O'Connor has spent her whole life moving around When it comes to new schools, there's not a trick in the book about starting over that Jo doesn't know But life is about to teach her a new trick: how to disappear entirelyRule : Always expect the Spanish Inquisition, no matter what anyone else doesThey have to move again Now This very night Jo knows better than to argue Her dad is the key witness in a major case against a bigtime bad guy But Jo just can't resist one last visit to the school where she's been so happy All she wants is to say goodbye That can't cause any problems, can it?Rule : Never assume you can predict the futureNow Jo's one last visit has landed her smack in the middle of a ghost story Specifically, her own By the time it's over, she'll have a whole new set of rules about what's real, what's makebelieve, and — most of all — what's important August 1314, 2012Have I not reviewed this book before? Weird! I've read this book several times now, and I love it It's super cheesy in parts, but who cares! ;)Basically, this girl and her dad are in witness protection because he witnessed a murder and the bad guy (mobster??) who did it is after them So they have to move every so often to keep off the radar Her goal has always been to blend: don't get noticed, don't stand out But she goes to this new school, and immediately gets noticed by Mr Popularity, and suddenly, she's cool and has a brandnew boyfriend and then they get a call from the feds (or whoever) because the bad guys are onto them and have to move again and they need to fake their own deaths (I know! It's great!) Anyway, it all goes downhill from there. It's implausible and terribly cheesy, but I love it enough to reread it about once every couple years or so! ;) I have mixed feelings about this one I really liked that the story was so unique and original I like the idea that Jo and her Dad are in the witness protection program and are constantly “on the run” It added a nice element to the story and it was fun seeing Jo’s take on transitioning through different schools On the flip side, it was almost too unbelievable I can’t say much without giving away details, but I will say that I found it hard to believe that people wouldn’t recognize Jo as Jo (That probably sounds cryptic, but you’ll understand once you read the book) There is a kind of love triangle (or square) going on, and I didn’t really believe in any of it Jo’s first crush seems to happen a bit too quickly; they never really spend any time together and yet are totally in love When that doesn’t work out she gets over it a bit too quickly, especially for someone who had been so in love So, when she falls for someone else it makes me wonder if it’s just a passing thing Okay, I probably gave away some spoilers there, but really the story is pretty predictable so I probably haven’t ruined anything Overall, it was an entertaining read, I only wish there had been a littlebelievability with the plot I did like the story though, it was upbeat, unique, clean and overall was pretty enjoyable. Its been a few weeks since I read this book but I can still remember it In a whole the book was very entertaining, just didn't have the punch I'd hoped for Jo is a funny witty character Her social insight of high school was funny and very true I like how she didn't have selfpity about moving around and she wasn't mad at her dad over it either Jo didn't think she was all knowledgeable and cultural because of all the places she had to been either Now you might suspect her to be all insecure and a pushover but she isn't that either She’s got a backbone but is nice too (yes you can be both).The whole setting was interesting The plot had a steady pace and I laughed all along the way There were some parts that were just not that upbeat but it ends after a while The complaint that I have is that the book could've been so muchIt was a short read so I guess that I should have suspected as much The whole criminal case didn't come up as often as I thought it would but that is not what kept the story from being all it could've been I thought it was nice, entertaining, and funny It a perfectly nice book; it just didn't have as much going on as I was hoping for. The introduction from the back of the book does a horrible job describing the book While it gives the general plot line, it mostly fudges the truth So let me just say, no, she does not ACTUALLY die Its kinda of hard to tell from reading the back All in all this book was funny and interesting I really enjoyed reading it.

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