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Entertaining storyline that holds the reader's interest The shifting first person narration was well done, except the chapters from alien perspective I think the authors went a little too far to expect the reader to translate binary code to text It can be done, I did it, but it is a cumbersome task to expect from the average reader.The book had some editing issues with grammar, word usage and spelling errors Not enough to make it unreadable, but does cause disruption in reading to those who value the English language. Cute story Enjoyed the alien binary jokes It would be nice to read some continued exploits with the same characters. Loved itfamiliarity with the locale an added bonus Quirky Shades of Vonnegut for genius and nostalgiawriting feels intimate and without pretention. This is absolutely what I was looking for when I went hunting for UFO fiction I was 100% done with reading novels about crashed UFOs being held captive by government agents and aliens with nefarious plans I was looking for something quirky, and fun with a touch a realism.High Strangeness follows several characters, including Ken's dog That threw me when I first one of the dog's chapters so if an anthropomorphised dog isn't your thing you may want to skip this book Although it does add an extra something to the story The book is also highly localised to the Cape Cod area, an area that is gaining some traction as having weird things happen (See the Bridgewater Triangle) Fun reading and you can get through it in a couple of hours Perfect if you're currently stuck in quarantine. Something strange has arrived on Cape Cod, and it’s not just the UFOs Ken Wakeman, a skeptical UFOlogist who seeks the truth about paranormal phenomenon, struggles to discredit the myriad of crackpot theories out there Melissa Mel Howard, a reporter for a small Cape Cod newspaper, copes with the seasonal tourist invasion and its accompanying anxieties When the Cape becomes the national focus over a rash of UFO sights, they join forces to get to the bottom it Despite denials from town officials and the military that UFOs have landed, mass hysteria overcomes the seaside community In addition to the frantic humans, Astro, Ken’s Golden Retriever has also been acting strangely Joining the invasion is Klick, the promiscuous leader of a spandexclad UFO cult whose members want to “amalgamate” with the Fornacisians when their spaceship lands Mel learns that when dealing with wing nuts, the truth isn’t necessarily “out there” Tom Frasier, an infamous proponent of crashed saucers and frozen alien bodies, claims the local military base houses some intriguing secrets After a visit from the FBI gives legitimacy to Tom’s story, Ken will ultimately decide how far he’s willing to go to witness humanity’s greatest close encounter Ouch!Maybe this should be read stoned Reading it straight was a lot like pulling off a fresh scab, only less satisfying RubbishIt was so full of insane ramblings , I have never read anything so idiotic I will not be read any motRe from this writer. High Strangeness

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've burned up most of my life doing video and film production Had some success early in life with some nationally televised comedy shorts, but when I tried to 'grab the golden ring' with a full length feature film, my body was thrown from the carousel.I embraced the meathead football culture when I was in my teens which culminated in a decade of martials arts training in my 20's and 30's I've now matured into intellectual pacifist who can still someone's ass.I've been self taught on multiple musical instruments, and have composed music (both loud and soft), in many different styles I've had some success with funny novelty song compositions For my efforts I've received (1) BMI check and a case of tinnitus.In my quest to avoid being beholden to a boss or an authority figure, I've pursued online marketing and kettle corn concessions One allows me to make money at home in my underwear, while the other makes me see things as they stand all my efforts ultimately turn into shit.Arriving this late in life, I will now call myself a writer I certainly have a lifetimes worth of thoughts and stories to tell, but I've only brought them up to the determent of my friends I'm going through some non fiction books at the moment, and will have a couple of sci fi stories to tell in the future.

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