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Hard to Get Val Rushford needs a break from boys After dumping her cheating boyfriend, Val is looking forward to some time to herself But instead of getting peace and solace, Val is bombarded by gifts, texts, e mails, and wall posts from boys all over Val is overwhelmed by the attention and decides to swear off guys completely no flirting, going out, or making out at least until the end of the yearVal s two best friends make a wager that her little hiatus from boys won t even last a month Val takes the bet and tries to secure her win by burying herself in a class project So what if she s paired with the emo hipster Adam He s so not her type But as Val spends time with Adam, feelings begin surfacing With her heart and pride at stake, Val s got to choose Win the bet or win the boy

About the Author: Emma Carlson Berne

Emma Carlson Berne is the author of the YA thrillers STILL WATERS and NEVER LET YOU GO coming Fall 2012 from Simon Schuster She has also written the thrillers FIGMENT and CHOKER under the pen name Elizabeth Woods She lives and writes in Cincinnati Learnabout Emma and contact her directly at her website, Or check out Emma Carlson Berne Books on or follow her on Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Hard to Get

  1. Robin Robin says:

    I have always liked the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies They are usually quick read, lighthearted fluff stories with quite a few laughs But this book was just a big no with a long list of problems 1 ValVal is just a plain, bo

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    I just started an hour ago and looks like it s going good I just hope it doesn t turn out to be so cliche at the end, if you know what I mean

  3. Seanean Seanean says:

    Val thought she had the perfect boyfriend in Dave After all, it was definitely the longest she d gone out with one guy, so that must mean it s special And it was until she caught Dave making out with another girl in the parking lot of her hi

  4. La Femme Readers La Femme Readers says:

    Hard to Get was a cute, light read The writing was simple and easy to get into The only negative aspect was the predictability of the storyline However, I did really like the characters Val was sweet, intelligent and was always surrounded by her supp

  5. Diana Jenkins Diana Jenkins says:

    I love the premise of this book After being humiliated by her cheating boyfriend, Val realizes she hasn t really been without a guy for years It s time for a break So Val swears off guys until the end of the school year And she s so sure she s up to the chall

  6. Karen Karen says:

    I was in the mood for a quick read silly teen romance and hey, I found it Cute story Nothing deep or meaningful Fun to read and THANK YOU.clean.

  7. Asia Asia says:

    A fun light read that you can finish in a day or two and get a couple laughs out of All in all it s not bad, and it was a fun read.

  8. Hααlεч ♥ Fιѕнεя Hααlεч ♥ Fιѕнεя says:

    I really enjoyed this book I always like books like these I would definitely recommend this book.

  9. Sara ♥ Sara ♥ says:

    This book was quite cute, but I really thought it should have ended differently Val has JUST broken up with her boyfriend of like 6 or so months after she caught him kissing another girl, and she is suddenly bombarded that s a good word by gifts, texts, facebook friend invites, and other crap f

  10. Macie Macie says:

    When I picked up this book I read the back cover and thought, Hmm, I really hope this book isn t that same old love story I read time after time Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised The book Hard to Get by Emma Carlson Berne is a awesome, quick read that can easily keep you entertained for hours

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