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Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 5 The last volume in the Hack Slash horror saga collects the epic finale and the acclaimed, blood soaked tales that lead up to it When Cassie discovers a potential cure for slashers, she accidently kickstarts a chain of events that will lead to the ultimate betrayal at the hands of a man she thought she could trust Giant monsters, Vlad s man eating family, the secret life of Cat Curio, and the finale showdown fans have waited years to see

15 thoughts on “Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 5

  1. CGrant1978 CGrant1978 says:

    Lots of twists and shocks in store for the fans of Cassie and Vlad in what seems to be the closing chapter on the story If you ve got this far in the series then this collection gives you everything you might expect from Hack Slash

  2. laine laine says:

    Well made good story lines

  3. chu s chu s says:

    Love the story and the graphic art.Will be read again and again.Still reading it and no reach the ending as yet.

  4. Ricardo Sousa Ricardo Sousa says:

    Amazing ending to the series.Wraps things up for Cassie, Vlad and the rest of the gang.A must for fans of the series.

  5. Matthew Molinaro Matthew Molinaro says:

    As described and fast shipping Thank you.

  6. David Scarrow David Scarrow says:

    I bought the whole Hack Slash omnibus series and they ALL are worth buying Great story Lots of action Absolute worth buying They should make a movie

  7. David Sanchez Millan David Sanchez Millan says:

    Finally a recopilation of this great series If you like slasher movies, i you enjoyed Freddy vs Jason and that kind of stuff.This is a comic for you Go go go

  8. ChibiNeko ChibiNeko says:

    While this is touted as a final volume, I ll be honest in that I can see where this could very easily continue in a spin off or continuation volume somewhere in the future Despite some pretty heart breaking losses to the Hack Slash team, there s still a lot of potential here for some one shot volumes along the lines ofMy First Maniac.There s both some good and bad about this omnibus, though First m

  9. Fryzilla: King of the Monsters Fryzilla: King of the Monsters says:

    Well, after issue upon issue, story by story, Hack Slash has finally come to a close And boy was it something I never knew that a comic book would have me on the edge of my seat, but this really did it The final battle to decide the fate of America was a perfect blend of action, cheese, and drama that you would expect from this series by now Oh and SPOILER ALERT some important characters die in this

  10. Flood Flood says:

    The book content itself is great, but this particular product arrived damaged The box it came in had no damage, so I m assuming it was shipped like that The front cover was almost torn through in one spot and there was black scrape marks all over the back of the cover Since it was a gift for my husband and I knew he wouldn t care since the pages weren t damaged, I didn t pursue a replacement But if t

  11. It's a me, Mario. It's a me, Mario. says:

    The artwork as great with less variation of artists than the pervious ones I personally love this series and was sad to see it end Overall it was a great ride with lots of memorable characters from talking dogs to slashers to reanimated dolls just love how they got a large portion of the slashers from movies Forgot Freddy and Jason though Cassie Hack and Vlad and the gang are just awesome.

  12. Mahatab Chowdhury Mahatab Chowdhury says:

    Great product

  13. says:

    A great read and good fun all around.Through I am rather happy that the Hack Slash general arc around the black flame society has come to an end.The sideline stories in the B Movie Jungle and the background of Vlad were some highlights to me.The final confrontation was a bit underwhelming in terms of actions and the final adversary but the intensity of Cassie really pulled the omnibus through.Minor spoi

  14. Hanna Hanna says:

    perfect condition great product thanks

  15. Angela Angela says:

    The characters are great and interesting, This finale brings everything to a satisfying end The artwork in this volume is probably the best in the series I

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