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Granite Mountain: The Firsthand Account of a Tragic Wildfire, Its Lone Survivor, and the Firefighters Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice This book was a real eye opener for me I read it after seeing Only the Brave and while it was a good movie, this book really gave out facts and information about the crew of the Granite Mountain Hotshots I could feel the bravery and camaraderie among the guys who went into danger every day to help save towns and wilderness from fire.One thing that got me really choked up is when Brendan talks about the Little Bear fire in Ruidoso, New Mexico That fire hit home for me because it s close to where I am and burned up the campground and lake where we used to frequent when we d go camping I didn t know that Granite Mountain was at that fire.A story of courage, bravery, and the 19 men who sacrificed all for people they didn t know I commend Brendan McDonough for sharing this with us It had to take some deep courage of his own to be able to sit and write it all out I m glad he has used his situation for the better and has become an author and inspiration speaker, rather than what he talks about he was capable of doing in the book.Hat tip to every kind of firefighter out there Thank you for what you do As a firefighter, both wildland and structural, this book is both an imperative read and one of the most difficult things I have ever read After reading this work I am humbled now than ever to be part of such an awesome career The writing hits close to home as I think how easily and how quickly this could be me or any one of the men and women I proudly call my brothers and sisters To see how strong Brendan has been, his willingness to serve others, and his desire to improve the world we live in for his daughter and for firefighters, is inspiring.Brendan in the unlikely event you ever read this blurb Thank you for writing this work You have changed the way I look at the job and the things we face I am honored to be even loosely associated to men of your caliber Rest assured that you have helped at least one firefighter I recently lost my home possessions to the Thomas Fire in Ventura Growing up in California and Montana, wildfires are as regular as the seasons and you can begin to become cavalier and jaded about the dangers and risks that these fires cause for those in the line of fire While I watched my things burn on a local news station, I saw a crew of hotshots from Arizona drive by the hotel and I thought, please don t botherIt s just stuff I remembered the crew from Granite Mountain and I remembered the authors face from a news story I decided to Google him and found this book This book is a legacy This book should be read by anyone living in a wild urban interface and should be handed to anyone who fails to evaluate their property and maintain adequate clearance These guys sign up for thisbut that shouldn t relegate our responsibility to protect them by doing the basics Brendan seems to have wrote this from a place of love for those lost and a place of frustration for the lack of dynamic, and sorely needed, evaluation of antiquated equipment and policy. This story brought back so many memories for me of my early days as a hotshot firefighters member in southern Oregon The feeling of belonging and brotherhood never left me a I later became a structural firefighter an finally as a Fire Chief The lessons, experiences an joys of those days were carried through for me to my retirement I found this story real and alive with its Integrity I found myself experiencing what he was feeling and seeing an knowing Ide been there too For those in the fire service this is a story of who we are For those outside the fire service you may never understand what drives us or makes us do what we do Just be thankful and tell us so Certainly a good read May we learn and grow from it. This was a really personal account of Brendan s life leading up to getting on with a shot crew, and the subsequent relationships that formed thereafter I found myself laughing and choking up throughout the book I commend him for having the strength to put it all out there in this account of not only the tragic Yarnell Hill fire, but of the Brotherhood that was forged in blood, sweat, and tears over the course of a few grueling fire seasons and how it transformed his life for the better. A Gripping First Person Account By The Sole Survivor Of Arizona S Disastrous Yarnell Hill Fire, Which Took The Lives Of Hotshots Firefighters Trained Specifically To Battle Wildfires Brendan McDonough Was On The Verge Of Becoming A Hopeless, Inveterate Heroin Addict When, For The Sake Of His Young Daughter, He Decided To Turn His Life Around He Enlisted In The Granite Mountain Hotshots, A Team Of Elite Firefighters Based In Prescott, Arizona Their Leader, Eric Marsh, Was In A Desperate Crunch After Four Hotshots Left The Unit, And, Perhaps Seeing A Glimmer Of Promise In The Skinny Would Be Recruit, He Took A Chance On The Unlikely McDonough, And The Chance Paid Off Despite The Crew S Skepticism, And Thanks In Large Part To Marsh S Firm But Loving Encouragement, McDonough Unlocked A Latent Drive And Dedication, Going On To Successfully Battle A Number Of Blazes And Eventually Win The Confidence Of The Men He Came To Call His Brothers Then, On June While McDonough Donut , As He D Been Dubbed By His Team Served As Lookout, They Confronted A Freak , Degree Inferno In Nearby Yarnell, Arizona The Relentless Firestorm Ultimately Trapped His Hotshot Brothers, Tragically Killing All Of Them Within Minutes Nationwide, It Was The Greatest Loss Of Firefighter Lives Since The Attacks My Lost Brothers Is A Gripping Memoir That Traces McDonough S Story Of Finding His Way Out Of The Dead End Of Drugs And Finding His Purpose Among The Granite Mountain Hotshots And The Minute By Minute Account Of The Fateful Day He Lost The Very Men Who Had Saved Him A Harrowing And Redemptive Story Of Resilience In The Face Of Tragedy, My Lost Brothers Is Also A Powerful Reminder Of The Heroism Of The People Who Put Themselves In Harm S Way To Protect Us Every Day

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Granite Mountain: The Firsthand Account of a Tragic Wildfire, Its Lone Survivor, and the Firefighters Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice book, this is one of the most wanted Brendan McDonough author readers around the world.

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