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Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) Admiral Hopper is a long time hero of mine I ordered this book and couldn t wait to read it, I was NOT disappointed This books also gets deeply into the details of the Mark I and the difficulties involved in starting the information age We have it SO much better now Grace Hopper IS a legend, but she s also a human being with the usual flaws and this book does a great job of bringing that out. The Career Of Computer Visionary Grace Murray Hopper, Whose Innovative Work In Programming Laid The Foundations For The User Friendliness Of Today S Personal Computers That Sparked The Information AgeA Hollywood Biopic About The Life Of Computer Pioneer Grace Murray Hopper Would Go Like This A Young Professor Abandons The Ivy Covered Walls Of Academia To Serve Her Country In The Navy After Pearl Harbor And Finds Herself On The Front Lines Of The Computer Revolution She Works Hard To Succeed In The All Male Computer Industry, Is Almost Brought Down By Personal Problems But Survives Them, And Ends Her Career As A Celebrated Elder Stateswoman Of Computing, A Heroine To Thousands, Hailed As The Inventor Of Computer Programming Throughout Hopper S Later Years, The Popular Media Told This Simplified Version Of Her Life Story In Grace Hopper And The Inventionof TheInformation Age, Kurt Beyer Reveals A Authentic Hopper, A Vibrant And Complex Woman Whose Career Paralleled The Meteoric Trajectory Of The Postwar Computer IndustryBoth Rebellious And Collaborative, Hopper Was Influential In Male Dominated Military And Business Organizations At A Time When Women Were Encouraged To Devote Themselves To Housework And Childbearing Hopper S Greatest Technical Achievement Was To Create The Tools That Would Allow Humans To Communicate With Computers In Terms Other Than Ones And Zeroes This Advance Influenced All Future Programming And Software Design And Laid The Foundation For The Development Of User Friendly Personal Computers This book brought home to me the difference between history and biography As a 50 year computer veteran wrote my first program in 1959 I appreciated many of the firsts and trends that the author highlights However, I got very little sense of Grace Hopper the person behind the technical and organizational achievements he celebrates As an example, did she really just casually discard a marriage in order to enlist in the Navy We re told she had a wonderful sense of humor but in the entire book there s only one example of an office prank she instigated The author packs the last 20 years of her life into the last 25 pages of the book, and much of that was interspersed with retrospective material Surely there was to Cmdr Hopper s life in those years than her honors and awards, but we see none of it.As history, however, the book misses one of Hopper s most important contributions the notion of an industry wide standard Hopper s work to convene the CODASYL group was the first of a long line of standards efforts including ICANN and the rest of the Internet infrastructure without which the Information Age would have withered for lack of cross enterprise fertilization. Loved this book Shows Hopper s role in the development of computers and their role in changing information management Excellent description of the history of mechanized calculation and data storage and the development of the software that enables the efficient use of the hardware Hopper is placed within this history and her distinct contributions both alone and in concert with others is fully discussed There is less emphasis on her personal life but major challenges she faced are covered.Give this book to anyone interested specifically in the materials covered but also to those with a tendency to whine rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done any job Grace Hopper was the essence of grit and that grit is well described here. There was a lot of effort here, but this book was not about Grace It was a serviceable intro to the very beginning of the industry But Grace as a person does not really show up until chapter 6, and does not become a person as opposed to just a name until chapter 9.The last chapter 11 is actually a nice summary of the the things that were unique about Grace It would have made a great intro for to a detailed bio.It would have been a two star book, but there were so many typos bad typos, about 100 or so that caused me to re read or be confused that I had to go with one star For example, I noted two instances of Grace FLopper , a photo caption randomly in the middle of a paragraph, and a sentence missing its last few words.

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