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God's Chinese Son: Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan The rise and fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in mid th century China was one of the most violent events in human history Led by Hong Xiuquan, a religious visionary and failed civil servant, the Taipang Rebellion cost at leastmillion lives Hong had a dream in which he ascended into heaven and met his elder brother Jesus Christ He returned to earth charged, he believed, to destroy the demon devils who did not share his beliefs His preaching soon attracted followers, arms and money After a succession of battles, massacres and sieges, Hong s army seized power over a vast territory From his capital, Nanjing, Hong ruled his kingdom foryears, playing his rivals off against each other Eventually his army lost its morale and Nanjing was surrounded and besieged Hong died after eating poisonous herbs, followed by the fall of Nanjing and the rounding up and execution of the surviving Taiping leaders

14 thoughts on “God's Chinese Son: Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan

  1. Tom Munro Tom Munro says:

    This book was rather disappointing The subject matter is potentially fascinating The problem with the book is that it gives a broad narrative of the development of the movement but it does not discuss the nuts and bolts of how the movement spread and how it operated as a gove

  2. Gabrarian Gabrarian says:

    A very good book that probably only fails in that it doesn t go into much detail This doesn t seem all that bad as it makes up for it with its novel like writing style The book is based upon the political relationships within the Taiping leadership, and their political relationship

  3. R. A. Lloyd-Jones R. A. Lloyd-Jones says:

    Very few people in the West know anything at all about the Taiping Rebellion which roughly coincided with the American Civil War of the early 1860s An estimated 20 million people died as a result of a misunderstanding about Christianity Those of us who are interested in it usually approa

  4. D. J. Favager D. J. Favager says:

    This is a book full of detail, sometimes overwhelming detail It tells the story of the rebellion from the side of the rebels drawing on Chinese and western sources The story moves quickly but the constant use of the present tense in the narrative can become irritating Some attempt is made to s

  5. T E Kingston T E Kingston says:

    An excellent read about an overlooked topic one that cost 20 30 million lives In a wonderful manner, Spence proceeds to describe the path of the man who would view himself as Jesus younger brother and the reformer necessary for China Part syncretic religion, part political rebellion this ended up as

  6. Romulus Romulus says:

    Enjoyable and easy read on the Taiping Rebellion Will be reading of Spence s works after this.

  7. Germinal Germinal says:

    I came to this book on this topic, the Taiping rebellion, through an interest in social and political revolution and how religious ideas can inform such movements.I found it very informative on the development of Hong Xiuquan s religious ideas, how the movement formed and the course of the Taiping campaign It w

  8. Serge Berthier Serge Berthier says:

    There is no need to present Jonathan Spence He is an outstanding writer and scholar Here he is turning up what i consider the definitive story of the Taiping Emperor, Hong Xiuquan Hakka from Southern China who, having failed the central examination to become a scholar, became half mad, or totally mad His madness was

  9. sadovidsporn.co User sadovidsporn.co User says:

    Book in really good condition.

  10. dmiguer dmiguer says:

    Jonathan Spence remarks in his foreword that much has been written about the 1850 Taiping rebellion in the west, and even in the east Despite the rebels dubious theological foundation, China s communists canonized them as an early socialist movement The Taiping have remained a topic of interest, with many books recently written

  11. Robert J. Crawford Robert J. Crawford says:

    Hong Xiuquan raised a rebellion in 19C southern China It was based on his own version of Christianity, according to which he was a Moses like figure who knew God and was also the younger brother of Jesus Not only did he find hundreds of thousands of willing converts, but he led an army and established a mini state in which he reigned

  12. Justin W Knapp Justin W Knapp says:

    Spence s exhaustively researched story is clearly one of the best books of Chinese history written in the last 20 years It is not just a book that will help you become familiar with Chinese history but will help you gain an insight into the cultural and historical psyche of the Chinese people As someone who has lived and worked in China fo

  13. D Berkowitz D Berkowitz says:

    I m puzzled by the reviews here There were so many negative or mediocre reviews that I nearly didn t buy the book, despite my sudden interest in learning about the Taiping Rebellion, having read about it in passing elsewhere.For me, this book is about as well told a history as I ve read and I ve read hundreds of history books , covering the upbr


    You will certainly appreciate this well researched book on the Taiping Rebellion It s been borrowed numerous times by friends who are keen on this terrible Conflict which resulted in deaths via siege warfare, and on battlefields over its first three years of fighting under the American led Mercenaries and via gunboats in its last two years, than both

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