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Ghostbusters Volume 9: Mass Hysteria Part 2 (Ongoing (2012-2014), Band 9) A chaotic presence promises unheard of catastrophe for New York City, and the Ghostbusters are at a loss for how to deal with it Will the team have to make a deal with the devil to save the day Find out in the conclusion to Mass Hysteria

15 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Volume 9: Mass Hysteria Part 2 (Ongoing (2012-2014), Band 9)

  1. Gaz Gaz says:

    This is a a superb ending to the IDW Ghostbusters series The writing is spot on and Dan s art is back for the entire volume No extra mini stories as there s no time to break away from the big finish but there are some great cover gallery interpretations and some details about what happened next to the characters This gives the fans a pleasingly epic but at the same time subtle finale Surprisingly

  2. Steve Rowlatt Steve Rowlatt says:

    Very good story, great art Very sorry it s all coming to the end.

  3. BMB BMB says:

    A fitting end to this run on the ghostbusters comics I really enjoyed this entire series and felt it stayed true enough to the source material to make it feel almost like an actual sequel while taking its own rists and introducing its own characters to make the world feel fleshed out Well worth your time if you are a fan of ghostbusters.

  4. Cliente Cliente says:

    Totalmente recomendado para fans de la saga La nica pega es que no se editen en espa ol pero bueno, se entienden perfectamente. como siempre de 10, env o y empaquetado.

  5. Peter J. Ward Peter J. Ward says:

    It isn t often I find myself reading something and thinking I really wish that took longer but I really would have loved to spend time reading Burnham and Shoening s Ghostbusters title They bring together all the best aspects of the two movies, the video game which was spectacular , and expand upon the storylines therein They bring back old characters and impressively introduce new characters who do not seem s

  6. Shazam! Shazam! says:

    While this volume of Ghostbusters was one of the best ever put out, it was also the saddest, because not only did the defeat of Tiatmat cost the most a Ghostbuster could ever pay worse than dying but this is the LAST ISSUE OF THE SERIES No Ghostbusters, as in, That s all folks I suspect that the upcoming movie has something to do with it I m just glad that they ve been publishing the TMNT Ghostbusters crossover to

  7. Eric C. Green Eric C. Green says:

    Good way to wrap certain ends up Some old friends come back along with some new problems Someone is going to lose something very important to them.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Absolutely great story

  9. Quendan Quendan says:

    Greatest franchise in history.

  10. wanda the cat wanda the cat says:

    It came on time I am excited to read this book.

  11. X M X M says:

    Sad to see this great story end but i loved every moment It really was a good journey to read.

  12. David V David V says:

    Perfect end to a great series

  13. Ori0n Ori0n says:

    A brilliant conclusion, not only to the Mass Hysteria storyline, but the Ghostbusters comic.Great story, with fantastic writing and art.Absolutely recommend it to all fans Casual or hardcore

  14. Lance Malcomson Lance Malcomson says:


  15. Ndg2e Ndg2e says:

    A product, fast delivery and good price.

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