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Ghostbusters: Total Containment (Ghostbusters Deluxe Editions, Band 1) Pshychokinetic energy is on the rise and the boys are as busy as ever But a new contract engineered by Walter Peck limits their ability to bust ghosts in the city As they take their act on the road, a new team swoops in to give them some competition This oversized, deluxe hardcover collects the firstissues of the ongoing Ghostbusters series, and includes all PCOC pages, a backup story, and an art gallery

15 thoughts on “Ghostbusters: Total Containment (Ghostbusters Deluxe Editions, Band 1)

  1. Slimy_Alien Slimy_Alien says:

    This book is gorgeous The colours on the pages look fantastic and the embossed cover is a nice touch to top it all off.The comic itself is really entertaining and full of easter eggs and references The dialogue is genuinely funny and the art style is super zany and fun to look at There isn t a dull moment.I love all the extras included as well concept art, cover

  2. Alison J. Alison J. says:

    The perfect gift for my son who turns 30 soon, loves ghostbusters as much now as when he was 5

  3. Ryan Wade Ryan Wade says:

    So so happy I got this.

  4. Jean-François Poirier Jean-François Poirier says:

    Hungry for Ghostbusters where the dialogue sounds rights and is laugh out loud funny, and the visuals are rich with details and very clever cameos Then you owe it to yourself to get this collection Die hard fans cannot not have at least read this.

  5. Barone Barone says:

    Questo volume cartonato contiene i primi 16 numeri della serie IDW.La copertina e qualcosa di spettacolare Dettagli a rilievo ed una cura nella rilegatura ottima Le storie sono un grande e riuscito mix di comicit ed azione con tutti i personaggi della serie Quest anno i Ghostbusters compiono 40 anni Questo volume e un ottimo modo di festeggiare Occhio che ovviamente in inglese

  6. D-LUX D-LUX says:

    This book is chock full of Ghostbusters goodness, so much so they had to make it over sized and contain it all in a hard cover Enclosed within the book are the first 16 issues or first 4 volumes of the trade paperback of The Ghostbusters ongoing series It is a love letter to all GB fans, a perfect fusion of the movie, videogame, cartoon, and toy worlds A seamless blend of all things GB t

  7. Matt Matt says:

    A fantastic collocation of the IDW Ghostbusters comics If you are a fan of ghostbusters you will enjoy this book This collection and its companion book are definitely worth picking up.

  8. Will Harris Will Harris says:

    I ve been a big fan of Ghostbusters all my life, and I was delighted to find this comic collection of the first 16 issues of the ongoing series by IDW The stories keep to the tone of the films, and the pages are full of bright colours and terrific art design There are numerous Easter eggs to be found hidden in the various scenes, referencing everything from the movies themselves to the 80 s Kenner

  9. Francesco Ugolotti Francesco Ugolotti says:

    L articolo perfetto era quello che mi aspettavo di ricevere ottimo rapporto qualita prezzo, ottimo imballaggio Sono molto soddisfatto

  10. K. Henry K. Henry says:

    If you re fan of the ghostbusters univers movie, TV series, video game, 1990 toys serie and you love comics don t hesitate a second and buy this.

  11. Gcom Gcom says:

    Fantastic H C relive the Gb franchise I hope it will never end.

  12. Freeze616 Freeze616 says:

    Great collection of the first sixteen issues of the Comics.

  13. ciro ciro says:

    Erik Burnham e Dan Shoening stanno rendendo lustro al franchising dei Ghostbusters Complimenti Spero in un altra pubblicazione che raccolga altri numeri dei Ghostbusters

  14. Ebags Ebags says:

    Great series Would love to see another hardcover that contains the final volumes.

  15. 365 Graphic Novels 365 Graphic Novels says:

    This collects the sixteen issue ongoing series that IDW launched in 2011 and later reissued in four trade paperbacks It is a very sturdy hardcover that isn t too heavy for the hand at 432 pages and lays open on a table very well You can see right into the centre pages and will have no fear of the spine letting you down.It is slightly oversized Definitely not an Absolute Edition but bigger than a standard issue by an inch or so The

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