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Fruits Basket, Vol. 9 Finally summer has arrived While Tohru struggles through bipolar days of hope and anxiety, what will happen when Yuki comes face to face with the new member of the student council Meanwhile, who is that Uo chan s hanging out with Is she c r a z y in love In a bonus feature, Hana chan s past is finally disclosed

10 thoughts on “Fruits Basket, Vol. 9

  1. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    I think I finally reached the point where I had to stop to read Fruits Basket My inner teen is very happy to continue reading now lol Especially because after all those years I really want to know if Akito is really that bad XD Highlights of this volumeI m sorry I spoke without thinking I was happy, too that you spoke to me Really I totally dig Uo chan and Kureno s love story

  2. Mary ♥ Mary ♥ says:

    5 5 starsIn this worldIt s impossible not to be able to find someone who appreciates youWe learned Hana chan s story And it made my heart break in a million pieces in case you wonder 5 5 starsIn this worldIt s impossible not to be able to find someone who appreciates youWe learned Hana chan s story And it made my heart break in a million pieces in case you wonder

  3. Cath Cath says:

    5 5 Stars.Whoa manthis volume was amaaaazing It was interesting to learn about Hana and what she went through before she met Tohru and Arisa.

  4. Luisa Maula Luisa Maula says:

    An interesting twist for this volume, I didn t see it coming at all But then again, if we re to consider their ages in this manga, chances are, they d experience having romance in their lives sooner or later anyway Romance is a fickle and unpredictable emotion You never know when it ll strike and you can t be too ready for it, especially when it decides to show without warning Th

  5. Caroline Caroline says:

    I enjoyed this volumethan I had a few of the previous, possibly because she finally gave the back story on Saki Hanajima, who up until now was a pretty mysterious character She s been a very intriguing character for me, it was nice to actually get an idea for her character A great volume

  6. Bethany Pratt Bethany Pratt says:

    I really liked how throughout the book, the author added manycharacters I also liked how we finally got to see what Hanajima s past was like and how she came to be friends with Tohru and Uotani.

  7. Laura Laura says:

    I really enjoyed this volume, though it had it s ups and downs with me I wasn t that interested in the part with Yuki and the student council members I wasn t really sure what was going on there anyway I m glad someone made Yuki feel good though After years of begin brainwashed by Akito, it was time for him to hear something good about himself It s also nice to see him confiding in

  8. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    In this volume, Yuki is taking up his duties as the new student body president, and he meets his vice president and treasurer, who have some strange behavior, sleeping on the job and creating chaos among the class papers I m not sure what is up with those two, and I think Yuki is just as confused.I loved reading about Hana s backstory, and how she was mistreated at her previous schoo

  9. Merb Merb says:

    This volume is Ayame This volume of Fruits Basket ventures through Tohru s best friends stories, providing a new story to take place in future volumes The relationship between Kyo and Tohru truly begins to become romantic, and we see the bleak and hopeless future that is ahead of Kyo I enjoyed being able to see Tohru s friends have their own stories, it is so rare for female character

  10. Sage Elizabeth Sage Elizabeth says:

    i don t know what it is about this volume but I think this has been one of my favorites All the chapters were just so well thought out and they blow by so fast This one totally got me hooked right back on to Fruits Basket.

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