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Filmmaking For Dummies Film is a powerful medium Successful filmmakers possess the passion to visually tell a story that will affect people s emotions, make them see things differently, help them discover new ideas, or just create an escape for them Whether you love the experience of being enthralled by movies or the excitement, challenge, and magic of making the movie yourself, Filmmaking For Dummies is your primer to creating a respectable product For the seasoned professional, this friendly reference can inspire you with fresh ideas before you embark on your next big flick Get ready to roll with expert information on Defining the difference between independent and studio films Knowing what genre fits your fancy Finding perfect locations Storyboarding your film Directing the action Giving credit and titles Written from the author syears of hands on work as a writer, producer, and film director, Filmmaking For Dummies carries you through from screenplay to distribution, with lots of experience packed insight into Writing or finding a screenplay Raising financing for your film Budgeting and scheduling your film Hiring the right actors and crew Planning, shooting, and directing your film Putting your film together in the editing room Finding a distributor to get your film in from of an audience Entering and maybe even winning film festivals Taking into account the advent of digital technology, author Bryan Michael Stoller focuses on creative elements that apply to both film and video production He also points our technical differences and notes the many similarities between traditional and newer age making of motion picturesall in a fun and engaging way that ll have you shooting for the stars

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