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Film Analysis For Beginners: How To Analyse Movies (English Edition) Good guide and put in a user friendly way. It s really satisfying to find a book written for movie lovers In just a few words the author provides examples and puts on the table very important concepts that give the reader the tools to enjoy films in a very thoughtful manner. I really enjoyed this book It was a great, simple, nicely written overview of what is used to construct a film I did not know much about this topic and I understand a lot now Looking forward to watching movies with a analytical mindset A short read, but packs plenty of content A bit disappointed with the typography quite a few jumbled and joined words, and too many commas I highly recommend this book to crackerjack nd rookie Well written, clear, funny at times The knowledge shared is impressive it took me to the next level This is a good book related to film related to film analysis It s written lucidly and offers a list of films relevant to every lesson Thumbs up This short book provides a lot of information for one to begin writing movie reviews or, in my case, produce a much better movie review podcast.Manon provides technical terms along with the definition and examples She suggests movies to watch to go along with the topic at hand She also provides additional books to read at the end of this book.For a beginner s book, I already feel like an expert I now watch films differently. There are plenty of deeply theoretical books about film analysis, the study of film and semiotics But there are no books that give you any concrete guidelines on how to analyse a movie, or how to perform analysis for film criticism, instead of academia Film Analysis For Beginners offers a short introduction into the basics of film analysis, as well as what to look for and concrete steps to take while watching a film Film Analysis For Beginners is written by Manon de Reeper, who has plenty of experience doing film analysis for academic dissertations, as well as in her role as Editor in Chief of Film Inquiry Film Inquiry is a film magazine priding itself in its high level of film criticism with a dose of film analysis, hosting aroundactive writers at any given time, having published thousands of articles over the past few years This book is basically just 60 pages of definitions It doesn t teach you how to apply this knowledge to actually analyze a film It doesn t give any examples, either There are several grammatical mistakes and typos. As the title denotes, this book is for beginners It glides over film concepts very lightly while still doing a good job at familiarizing the reader with these concepts I think the best thing this book achieves is pointing the reader in the direction they want to research into so that they can pursue it I wish it was a little in depth, plus it is very short That s why I didn t add the fifth star.

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