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Fallen Astronauts: Heroes Who Died Reaching for the Moon I was ambivalent about this book because I lived through these times and have a great deal of information on the space programs of the US and USSR It was very well done Imagine the biography of someone still living or who had lived to achieve their goals and you see their stories are like those of our heroes whose lives were not cut short You also see their contributions to the missions and the safety of those who followed them true test pilots, who pass their expertise, even in death, to their friends who will follow.It was an enjoyable read and a welcome addition to my collection These were my heroes when I was a kid. The Author Serves Up A Touching, Long Overdue Tribute To The Astronauts Who Died While Pursuing Their Very Difficult Jobs, Including The Victims Of The Apollo Fire And The Two Gemini Astronauts Killed In A Plane Wreck, As Well As Others History Fallen Astronauts is a long overdue book on the astronauts and cosmonauts who died during the race to the moon Colin Burgess and Kate Doolan with assistance from the remarkable Bert Vis in the area of the Soviet space program casualties have written a magnificent book, which serves as both a tribute and a historical accounting of the astronauts who died in the space race The book is full of rare facts and biographical insights which were in danger of being lost forever, but thanks to these authors and the University of Nebraska Bison Books , they are now preserved for future space historians and enthusiasts.The book covers all the fatalities in the US space program up through the death of C C Williams on 5 October 1967, plus the Soviet fatalities from the same era Bert Vis has done extraordinary work uncovering the history of the Soviet space fatalities, which were and to a degree still are hidden in secrecy The passing of Valentin Bondarenko is especially painful to recount, not only for the tragic circumstances and disturbing details of his death, but for the realization that had the USSR been open about the hazards of working in a pressurized 100 percent oxygen atmosphere, the deaths of Grissom, White, and Chaffee might have been prevented.This book is both detailed and concise It provides genuine insight into these men who paid the ultimate price for space exploration, and recounts their lives and deaths with compassion, accuracy, and a sense of gratitude The book easily deserves five stars, and I recommend it without any reservations. I thought I knew a lot of this history but this book was ground breaking in adding fascinating new facts to the story of these people Fallen Astronauts is a fantastic book about the lives and deaths of some of our lesser known astronauts Colin Burgess writing style is informative without chance of losing your interest Start it on a weekend cause you wont be able to put it down Thanks also to Kate Doolan for her assistance and expertise in this difficult subject..

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