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Kolker, R: Eyes Wide Shut Twenty years since its release, Stanley Kubrick s Eyes Wide Shut remains a complex, visually arresting film about domesticity, sexual disturbance, and dreams It was on the director s mind for someyears before he finally put it into production Using the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University of the Arts, London, and interviews with participants in the production, the authors create an archeology of the film that traces the progress of the film from its origins to its completion, reception, and afterlife The book is also an appreciation of this enigmatic work and its equally enigmatic creator I found this book a well researched, clearly written volume about one of the most mysterious masterpieces of modern cinema Baffling audiences when first released, its enchantment has grown with the passage of time The book casts light into the darkness of its many enigmas, and despite the wealth of detail that it documents, its coherent layout makes it read like a detective story Lovers of Kubrick, like myself, will find unique insights into the mind of a master lovers of film will discover the story behind the artistic and personal struggle to create, arguably one of great works of art of our time. For the most part, this book explores the production and creative process of EWS based upon their collected materials ranging from Kubrick Archive materials in London to interviews with cast and crew members This is worth reading for anyone wanting to learn about the production of EWS, the amusing anecdotes tally with other biographies and sources of Kubrick s working methods in his filmography.However, the last chapter of the book, which explores what the authors tried reading into the film standard academic description of film analysis I think is full of irrelevant and abstract observations, as well as vague and arbitrary connections to completely different films and sources They primarily focused on one of the film s central themes of marriage and infidelity which I certainly agree with , and occasional touches of the elitism aspects, but they hardly mention of any other social and political themes and contexts, which the movie is rife of There s not much effort of observing scenes and shots according to the sensory specific details of body language, dialogue, sets, background props, camerawork, lighting, colour and so on Because of the authors method of interpretation, and because the chapter was only 30 pages long, the book overlooked many of the revealing dialogue and symbolic set details and props of the movie.Also, the whole book offered virtually no comment on some of the curious and symbolic props of the film, probably because the authors were skewered by their own perceptions that the wide debates by conspiracy theorists are misleading Yes, most of the conspiracy interpretations are misleading in varying degrees, but there are some props that are unmistakeable and so deserve to be questioned For example, a lot of conspiracy debates focuses around the strange pyramid and eye mask, in the colours of the dollar bill, which to this day I still have no idea whether it is a real mask or made up for the film Actually, considering the lengths that the authors looked for in the Kubrick Archives, did they find any information relating to that mask There are other aspects not mentioned such as the issue of the Bhagavad Gita musical piece originally meant to be used for the masked orgy sequence before objections were raised.Fortunately, the last chapter did offer a bit of insight from the authors as they offered the question of whether certain scenes in the movie are actually dreams that the lead character, Bill Harford, experiences in the film s narrative They even suggested that the mask on the bed near the end of the film may be part of Bill s dream too, and they noted that there is no mention of the mansion orgy in the final scenes Well done to them for scratching the hidden depths, but there is a lot details that went over their heads.For background production info on EWS, check out these videos from the YouTuber Collative Learning below, and I also recommend his detailed video studies on his website These have some similarities and some additional info not in Kolkner and Abram s book, and these videos below pre date the book s publication by over a year.The Plot Thickens EWS Mysterious Newspaper Articles by Larry Celona this also debunks the Kubrick assassination theory Kubrick s Occult Research for EWSCasting and Production of EWS Erotic Fantasy Movement scene Fascinating and easy to follow, must be one of the best books written about a movie and a timely re evaluationYou will need to love movies and Kubrick in particular as well as seen the movie at least twice If you tick these boxes then this is a very informative and enjoyable read

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