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Exocet Falklands: The Untold Story of Special Forces Operations (English Edition) Possession of air launched Exocet missiles by the Argentinian forces were to exert a marked influence on the strategies and tactics used by the British military tasked with retaking the Falklands Worries that saw schemes being considered to use Special Forces to take out the missiles, the aircraft and even the pilots by assaulting the Argentine base where these assets were stationed The confusions and disjointed aims that spawned these plans are laid bare here, impossible goals that saw one poorly planned mission deployed and one considered that was almost certainly suicidal and another that could have had no possible effect on the campaign.That only five air launched Exocet missiles could have warped judgment to this degree is frightening, though the fears were entirely justified as these weapons fully exposed the weakness in the defensive capability of the Navy s warships It is indeed remarkable that the campaign was successful.This is a terrific book One of the very best I have read over the years in which military history and personal memories have featured prominently in my lists Highly recommended. Still reading the book which is very readable and from my own experiences entirely accurate The author doesn t know me but I was sitting immediately behind him on that fateful day 2nd April 1982.I have dropped a star as the Kindle application is badly flawed I went from the initial illustrations to 61% through the book and the SAS drop into the South Atlantic Then, after 20 30 minutes into the chapter I turned a page to the end of the book I returned to the beginning and discovered I had missed 10 chapters I started again but now keeping a mental check of position It happened again but as a character I knew had just been mentioned a quick search and I was back in place.If sorted out the formatting it would be 5 Oh boy, is this one book you can t put down The revelations exposing the Hereford Hooligans tackling what should have been a well planned and supported task are simply mind blowing Also exposed is the lack of joined up thinking across the board and at all levels I know, I know, going to was against Argies was not expected or in the back garden of the UK, but come on military men should have done better than this Showering the Generals, Admirals and Aviator top dogs with medals is probably expected, but what about the poor young SAS Lieutenant hung out to dry No big surprise, he had to leave the Army and find another job Detailed and well researched history of SF involvement in the Falklands War which shatters the myths and reveals an astounding lack of planning and intelligence in the abortive helicopter mission in Tierra del Fuego There was also a plan to fly a Hercules laden with SF troops into Rio Grande airfield, from where the Super Etendard fighters were operating in a raid on Entebbe style attack No one had proper up to date maps of the area, no one knew the airfield was guarded by thousands of Argentine Marines the base commander had been trained with the SBS in the UK and anticipated an attack and no one knew that the Etendards were hidden every night in different locations off the airfield.The gung ho attitude of senior SAS officers was shamefully unprofessional On the other hand the bravery of the RAF SF flight crews who were prepared to fly into what they thought was a suicide mission is highlighted Fortunately the fiasco of the crashed helicopter operation saved many lives. This is NOT a book by an ex SF NCO describing the finite detail of how they malletted people in the Falklands Its closer to an academic study with full referencing and contextual history to the planning of proposed SF operations in 1982.I m half way through so far and addicted It covers the background of test exercises conducted by SF as they developed flawed tactics and covers the Argentine thinking and planning as well The actions of most key players at the time have been gathered from both research and personal interview.Its not for those who want the usual daring do exploits of SF but anyone who wants a intelligent and well rounded view of what happened, what was seriously considered and what not to do in a war this is the mutts nuts For anyone, like me, who has read a lot of first hand accounts of the Falklands conflict you would be aware of Operation Mikado but only maybe through knowledge gained from a couple of paragraphs This is an excellent account of how the operation was formulated and subsequently cancelled It gives a great picture of the disjointed chain of command, particularly for SAS operations and how their need to do something legendary on the Argentinian mainland overtook the basic requirements for detailed intelligence and rigorous rehearsal The author provides the point of view from key personnel from the SAS, RAF, SBS and Royal Navy and revisits the key decisions made The last chapter asks a lot of questions that you have been asking yourself throughout the book Although it doesn t provide all the answers it does provide some details on how lessons have been learnt throughout the armed services Lastly, I really like the style of the book, it is written from the bottom up in that it focuses on the point of view of the teams that were on the operations, not the commanders Because of this you get a real sense of why these plans to destroy Exocets on the ground in Argentina was always an incredibly risky venture with the slimmest of chances of ever succeeding. A meticulous and detailed research into three covert operations planned for the Falklands war, involving units from the army, the Navy, the Air Force and the faceless government body which attempts to oversee all The objectives were to take direct action to remove the threat which Argentina s Exocet missiles posed for allied shipping, particularly aircraft carriers A striking feature seems to be the unwillingness displayed by all units to confide in each other, The result being that none had a clear overall picture of what was going on Southby Tailyour has combed the memoirs and books by authors knowledgeable about this time to produce his extensive study of the subject and has not shirked from suggesting a degree of criticism of some who were involved.The toughest part of these operations was that despite the fact that two of them did not materialise, the degree of stress which active participantssuffered must have been enormous.A wee dig at the author Despite his admirable and careful research, he mentions in passing loc 739 , that the Blackburn Beverley aircraft was used in 1947 8 for the Berlin Airlift I have a recollection from Boscomb Downe spelling in 1957, being told not to stamp too heavily on the new aircraft s floor, as it was going to have to be beefed up. A fascinating account of three SAS missions to counter the Exocet missile from ill thought out ideas to near suicidal one way trips onto enemy soil Soldier Magazine This is a revelatory account of three un tabulated special forces operations, PLUM DUFF, MIKADO and KETTLEDRUM, that were tasked to destroy Argentinas Exocet missiles during theFalklands campaign Interviews with the SAS officer commanding Operation PLUM DUFF, members of the reconnaissance patrol for Operation MIKADO, plus the navigator of the helicopter that flew eight troopers into Tierra del Fuego, has allowed the author to describe the tortuous events that led, instead, to a significant survival story The RAF pilots ordered to conduct an assault landing of two Hercules onto Rio Grande air base during Operation MIKADO have spoken of the extraordinary procedures they developed so have the commander of the SBS and the captain of the British submarine involved in Operation KETTLEDRUM The Super tendard pilots who sank HMS Sheffield and MV Atlantic Conveyor and then attacked HMS Invincible, plus a key member of the Argentine special forces and the brigadier defending Rio Grande, add credence, depth and gravitas to the saga as does an equally revealing interview with the SIS MI officer who led the world wide search for Exocets on the black market Disturbing over confidence by commanders at home was finely counter balanced by stirring accounts of inspiring physical and moral courage across the South Atlantic Exocet Falklands is a ground breaking work of investigative military history from which many salutary lessons can be learned Between politics, diplomacy and barbouzeries, this well documented work will lead you in the arcane of what should have changed the course of this warAir Fan Supremely researched account of this war within a war The overriding message is that working within silos is not conducive to the successful outcome of an overall plan This is true whether in the military, business or Government.Meticulous planning is the hallmark of any SF operation, and I m astounded that this was ignored, not by the direct participants but by those in command who should know better This account vindicates the operational decisions taken by Andy Legg, and the reader is left with the utmost respect for this leader and his troops.Ewen S T has done a remarkable job in drawing all the complex elements of this whole sorry saga together, although sometimes it s difficult to hold onto the overall picture as he moves back and forth in the timeline of events.However, I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Falklands conflict, or who wants to understand the SAS hierarchical mentality in the afterglow of Princes Gate It is also relevant to those interested in military effects, particularly when the UKs armed forces footprint is so small The remarkable warriors of the SAS have always, and continue to be, a beacon of excellence in a country where celebrity and mediocrity are worshipped. What an excellent book by the Officer who knew the Islands, knew the Marines and knew the SAS Thanks to material released after 30 years Southby Taylor tells many fascinating stories and makes you realise how traditional military control and common sense rather than sheer bravado or required to win wars and save lives rather than waste them Greatly recommended.

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