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Ember Queen The Thrilling Conclusion To The Series That Began With The Instant New York Times Bestseller Made For Fans Of Victoria Aveyard And Sabaa Tahir Bustle , Ember Queen Is An Epic Fantasy About A Throne Cruelly Stolen And A Girl Who Must Fight To Take It Back For Her PeoplePrincess Theodosia Was A Prisoner In Her Own Country For A Decade Renamed The Ash Princess, She Endured Relentless Abuse And Ridicule From The Kaiser And His Court But Though She Wore A Crown Of Ashes, There Is Fire In Theo S Blood As The Rightful Heir To The Astrean Crown, It Runs In Her Veins And If She Learned Nothing Else From Her Mother, She Learned That A Queen Never Cowers Now Free, With A Misfit Army Of Rebels To Back Her, Theo Must Liberate Her Enslaved People And Face A Terrifying New Enemy The New Kaiserin Imbued With A Magic No One Understands, The Kaiserin Is Determined To Burn Down Anyone And Everything In Her Way The Kaiserin S Strange Power Is Growing Stronger, And With Prinz S Ren As Her Hostage, There Is At Stake Than Ever Theo Must Learn To Embrace Her Own Power If She Has Any Hope Of Standing Against The Girl She Once Called Her Heart S Sister

10 thoughts on “Ember Queen

  1. ♠ TABI ♠ ♠ TABI ♠ says:

    10 says this is gonna be called Fire Queen or something similar .Okay so EMBER IS CLOSE TO FIRE SO WOW WAS I RIGHT OR WAS I RIGHT

  2. Circi Circi says:


  3. Caylynn Bleess Caylynn Bleess says:

    How did I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS COVER REVEAL.I need this book nooooooooooooow

  4. Lynne ♠ The Book Dragon ♠ Lynne ♠ The Book Dragon ♠ says:

    I NEED a cover and title for this so bad

  5. Tabor Tabor says:

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review from NetGalleyWell, it s the final book in the series and it was definitely an interesting ride When I first read Ash Princess , I was taken in by the concept and the character of Theodosia, who was held captive and

  6. Crescentdoe Crescentdoe says:

    Heron breathes Me preCiOuS sMoL cHiLd I MuST pRoTeCC

  7. E E says:

    okay but like Theo better choose Blaise over S ren, i swear if she doesn t i will cry.

  8. Bhaavya Srivastava Bhaavya Srivastava says:

    I need to read it so bad It s literally torture to wait till 2020

  9. Meghan Meghan says:

    This book was received as an ARC from Random House Children s Delacorte Press in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.A sister taken hostage with an evil power and the power of strength and good must stop her from overtaking the prince and

  10. Imani Imani says:

    Look at that gorgeous cover, I m salivating jk Also, this is kinda heartbreaking Cress against TheoI mean Cress was evil but she also wasn t I hate how it s come to this but we ll see how the author concludes it all D

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