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Earthly Delights Baking is an alchemical process for Corinna Chapman At four am she starts work at Earthly Delights, her bakery in Calico AlleyBut one morning Corinna receives a threatening note saying The wages of sin is death and finds a syringe in her cat s paw A blue faced junkie has collapsed in the dark alley and a mysterious man with beautiful eyes appears with a plan for Corinna and her bread Then it is Goths, dead drug addicts, witchcraft, a homeless boy and a missing girl and it seems she will never get those muffins cooked in timeWith flair, chutzpah and a talent for kneading, Corinna Chapman will find out who exactly is threatening her life and bake some beautiful bread

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  1. Brenda Brenda says:

    Corinna Chapman s bakery, Earthly Delights, had been a huge success since she had opened it after leaving her two timing husband James even though it was situated in the seedier part of Melbourne she had customers rushing in on their way to work on their morning breaks until her stock was negligible when she closed at 2pm So the morning she opened the ba

  2. Kevin Kevin says:

    3 starsThis was a pleasant surprise, it was my first Australian cozy mystery It was considerably edgier than the American cozy mysteries I maccustomed to Whats similar a cast of quirky characters, a successful main character who could bewealthy if she hadn t ditched her accountant job for that of baker What s different junkies, dominatrices, alcoholic, a

  3. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Having already wasted time reading this, I don t want to waste too muchtime writing a review It started out quite well, but had greatly deteriorated by the end There were elements I liked about this, but unfortunately they were far outweighed by things I didn t like there were too many vampires, goths and witches In addition, the writing felt choppy and se

  4. Dana Stabenow Dana Stabenow says:

    The writer of the delightful Phryne Fisher series jumps nine decades into Melbourne s future, to bring us Corinna Chapman, baker Corinna lives and bakes in Melbourne, Australia, in one of the truly great buildings of fiction, the Insula, eight stories covered in peacock blue tiles where each apartment is named for a Roman god or goddess and decorated accord

  5. Ace Ace says:

    Romantic cosy mystery vampire novel Is that a thing Corinna Chapman, x accountant and now baker in inner city Melbourne s business district by day and junkie haven by night gets involved in a number of mysteries that are impacting on her normal routines Enter Daniel Cohen, heart throb and mystery man himself, Corinna is weak at the knees now and must get inv

  6. Claude Claude says:

    It has to be said Kerry Greenwood creates characters that are so two dimensional that you wonder if a computer composed them To me this book is a clear example of an author writing about characters that she has no understanding of When she writes about Taz the computer geek character, it is so obvious that this is the viewpoint of someone who is so far remove

  7. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

    What did I just read What is this thing As a fan of the Phyrne Fisher books, I ran across this one and picked it up OK, yeah, yet another series behemoth, but same author, probably same sort of not The redoubtable Miss Fisher takes her lovin where she can find it, but loves without loving, if you get me This thing doesn t know whether it s chicklit

  8. Gail Gail says:

    I really liked this book though in a way, I can t quite figure out why It s a mystery, but really solving the mystery waslike the truth unveiled itself I do know I liked the characters and the evolution of relationships a whole lot.Corinna Chapman owns a bakery in modern day Melbourne Australia She s divorced, having kicked her career as an accountant to the cu

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Earthly Delights is the first in contemporary series by Kerry Greenwood, author of the popular Phryne Fisher series This one is set in modern Melbourne and our heroine is a chubby baker named Corinna Chapman Corinna used to be a CPA but ditched her job and her husband to pursue her love of baking She has moved into a wonderful building called the Insula in a not

  10. Sue Bursztynski Sue Bursztynski says:

    I started off with this author s 1920s crime novels about Phryne Fisher, beautiful,slim, rich, smart and good at just about everything except those things she doesn t want to be good at, like playing music or cooking I look forward to each new one They re great fun and show a Melbourne that is mostly long gone.When this book came out, i didn t know what to make o

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