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Drive Me Crazy Kate s tote is packed, and she s ready for a road trip Kate and her two best friends, Sierra and Alexis, are geared up for a week of fun and freedom on the road to their family lake houses in Love, Wisconsin Best of all, when Kate reaches Love, she ll be reunited with Lucas, with whom she shared a steamy end of summer kiss last year She can t wait to see Lucas again and pick things up exactly where they left off Then Kate gets some seriously bad news Alexis s sarcastic, condescending, hot but he knows it cousin is crashing the girls road trip Adam bugs Kate in every possible way Now Kate just wants to get the road trip over with so she can spend the summer in Lucas s arms But the road to Love is full of surprises

10 thoughts on “Drive Me Crazy

  1. Fiona Fiona says:

    Drive me Crazy is a romance novel filled with comedy too It has just about everything needed to make a good romantic comedy Kate and her two best friends were going to drive to Wisconsin by themselves since this was the first time their parents let, but then came along Adam, Alexis cousin Alexis is one of Kate s best friends but she can t stand Adam He decides to join t

  2. Tiffani Tiffani says:

    Ignorant, childish, egotistical, hypocritical, stupid, stubborn, a brat, big headed.Yeah, that sums about up the person that is Kate Whom, if you hadn t noticed, I loathe

  3. Alex Alex says:

    i loved adam from the start of the book, and thought that the dialogue was fast and funny besides being able to predict the ending, the only real problem i had with the book is the fact that adam played the BANJO what hot guy plays a banjo overall, a good beach read

  4. Joana (The Boundless Booklist) Joana (The Boundless Booklist) says:

    2.5 stars

  5. Mel (Reviews In A Pinch) Mel (Reviews In A Pinch) says:

    When you look at a book like Drive Me Crazy, are you thinking you re in for a fun read You should be Fun, quirky reads are generally a blast to discover They re even better after finishing a very serious and or long book or series A fun read was exactly what I was looking for and Drive Me Crazy was definitely right for me.Kate was pretty much your average, clueless teenager I liked that sh

  6. Em-em Em-em says:

    Drive Me Crazy is a witty and romantic book The plot is not complicated and pretty much easy to figure out The characters are relatable The book s simplicity is a perfect getaway from all the frustrating, heart thumping and mind boggling stories that we read everyday.Kate is the every bit the hopeless romantic that we see nowadays The kind of girl that looks for a prince charming and hopes for

  7. Megan Megan says:

    I was really excited to read this book based on the premise, but some of the lines were so unbelievably cheesy and impossible that it killed the immersion The Adam at book start would have never said the island words And some of the psychoanalysis was just basic and off Transparent and you could see the author s agenda, and not the realism I don t know Not my fav Wish I d liked it .

  8. Jenna Jenna says:

    This book was really cute It was also really predictable, but I was okay with that It was a little short I would have liked to get to know Sierra and Alexis better The whole frat party scene seemed really rushed I would have liked to knowabout Alexis to know why she reacted the way she did.Overall, I liked Kate and Adam and thought their relationship was really sweet.

  9. Haidee Haidee says:

    Sweet read I was expecting a bit , but I have been wanting to read this book for over a year now and had probably built it up in my mind I had hoped it would be a bit longer and that maybe there was a bitcharacter development but I found that i really liked the book and that it was a quick read.I would definitely recommend this book.

  10. Karen Karen says:

    omg this chick is so infuriatingly stupid Lucas is such a butt and she just ignores it Adam is CLEARLY the better choice and he s awesome and they have cute fights i like the Q Tip tour and the board game part.

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