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Dreamscapes (English Edition) If you love Lesley Pearse, youre sure to fall for Tamara McKinley Catriona was born into the world of show business, having made her first appearance on stage in her fathers arms when she was only minutes old And although life has never been easy for Catriona, it seems shes finally made her big break her unique voice has captured the attention of a Sydney opera company, and the only place to go is up But when scandalous secrets from her teenage years threaten to destroy everything shes worked so hard to achieve, she learns she will have to fight to keep her rightful place at the top another good story from Tamara. I was originally going with 4 stars, but the book never really took off Due to the nature of the story, many decades were clumsily spanned at a time and characters disappeared mid story with a and she he was never to be seen again loved the opera background.this is my second of her novels after ocean child and feel she likes to wrap up the entire story in the last 5 pages. I have read most of this authors books and find all of them a good read They are exciting and enjoyable A light read. Enjoyed this book from the beggining, great read.

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