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Don't Know Much About Indians (But I Wrote a Book About Us Anyways) The alternating stories and poems in this debut collection by Gyasi Ross tell the stories of contemporary Native Americans who do not represent a stereotype They don t ride horses or get falling down drunk They are not the stoic crying Indian from a commercial nor the flowing haired warrior on the cover of a romance novel The characters in thesestories and poems are regular Indians people who have day jobs, college students, insecure folks, kids in love These characters are unique, diverse, and just like the rest of America The book is heartbreaking and life affirming, controversial and heartwarming, funny and tragic If you think you know about Indians or if you know that you don t, step into the lives of these characters and you will come away enlightened, discomfited, entertained and inspired

10 thoughts on “Don't Know Much About Indians (But I Wrote a Book About Us Anyways)

  1. Rena Jane Rena Jane says:

    Another exciting young Indian voice reminding us of the challenges and struggles of modern life and of people who often are misunderstood, misjudged and marginalized because they don t fit with what society says they should be.I m looking forward towork from Ross He has an honest, strong, compassionate voice that needs to be heard.

  2. Ana Ana says:

    At times this collection is funny, other times it is grave, but it s always heartfelt.

  3. Theophilus (Theo) Theophilus (Theo) says:

    Mr Ross hit a homerun, threw a touchdown, scored a goal on this one He keeps it succinct and to the point The American Indian experience African American, Hispanic, and Asian American for that matter is served up on a platter and the presentation, for you foodies, is beautiful The chapter named Community is poignant and thought provoking for those of us to remember when American society in general was acaring and participative comfor

  4. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    I started this book with a lot of questions in my mind I was looking for a book that would tell me about Native Americans today, people that I don t see around as I expected when I moved to this country I wanted to know why, where are they I heard about reservations, of course, but in my foreign ignorance I thought they were a kind of city where Native population was justcommon This book taught me to be quiet and listen It broke my heart

  5. Richard Rothaus Richard Rothaus says:

    Ross presents some courageous truths Some are known, but no one dares talk about them Others are less known, and take an insider to draw I imagine there are other I missed entirely The book packs a fair amount of complexity in its simplicity, and the terse prose packs many meanings in a few words Search out Ross he is worth reading.

  6. Gwen Gasco Gwen Gasco says:

    Style very much like Sherman Alexieand that isn t a bad thing Thought provoking short stories and poems that make you open your eyes to the mind of the Modern Native American life A beautiful blend of cultural reminiscence and modern Native American thought in today s world.

  7. Sarahjane Sarahjane says:

    If you think you might want to read this, you do If you are curious but unsure, you still want to read it It s a voice worth hearing.

  8. Monica Monica says:

    I don t know how to classify this book, but it was excellent Beautiful, heartbreaking, complex, funny, amazing.

  9. Jamie Jamie says:

    Packs a punch Great humor, but always a darker view of life on and off the rez.

  10. Sasha Sasha says:

    A bit heavy handed in places, but what works works well, and some of the poems were astounding.

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