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Disrupted: Ludicrous Misadventures in the Tech Start-up Bubble The Shocking And Hilarious New York Times Bestselling Expose Of A New Age Of Excess In Silicon Valley Dan Lyons Was Technology Editor At Newsweek Magazine For Years, A Magazine Writer At The Top Of His Profession One Friday Morning He Received A Phone Call His Job No Longer Existed Fifty Years Old And With A Wife And Two Young Kids, Dan Was Unemployed And Facing Financial Oblivion Then An Idea Hit Dan Had Long Reported On Silicon Valley And The Tech Explosion Why Not Join It HubSpot, A Boston Start Up, Was Flush With Million In Venture Capital They Offered Dan A Pile Of Stock Options For The Nebulous Role Of Marketing Fellow What Could Possibly Go Wrong What Follows Is A Hilarious And Excoriating Account Of Dan S Time At The Start Up And A Revealing Window Onto The Dysfunctional Culture That Prevails In A World Flush With Cash And Devoid Of Experience Filled With Stories Of Meaningless Jargon, Teddy Bears At Meetings, Push Up Competitions And All Night Parties, This Uproarious Tale Is Also A Trenchant Analysis Of The Dysfunctional Start Up World, A De Facto Conspiracy Between Those Who Start Companies And Those Who Fund Them It Is A World Where Bad Ideas Are Rewarded With Hefty Investments, Where Companies Blow Money Lavishing Perks On Their Post Collegiate Workforces, And Where Everybody Is Trying To Hang On Just Long Enough To Cash Out With A Fortune

8 thoughts on “Disrupted: Ludicrous Misadventures in the Tech Start-up Bubble

  1. B. Preuschoff B. Preuschoff says:

    and relevant.Knowing the digital world quite well for many years now, I could immediately relate to every single aspect of this book May it be the crazyness of valuation, the Hype of youth beats experience, the buzzword Bingo Happening it s true On the other s

  2. student student says:

    Wer den Firmen im Silicon Valley doch tats chlich glaubt, dass sie make the world a better place wollen, der sollte dieses Buch lesen Es ist gleicherma en lustig wie erschreckend, und wer nicht bei einer staatlichen Beh rde arbeitet, hat sicherlich die eine oder andere

  3. Take it easy and make it fun! Take it easy and make it fun! says:

    Most AWESOME book on the current start up b t Valuations based on cult factor and communities aka volume of spam recipients Bad tech, simply stupid, minimalistic featured products services , barely working, but boosted with VC and debt sponsored marketing and sales mega investmen

  4. Robert Rogers Robert Rogers says:

    You have to wonder why Hubspot hired Dan Lyons in the first place, but they did, and I m sure they are regretting it now There is a lot of ugliness that he exposes, especially regarding start up cult ure But a lot of the worst stuff is actually common in corporate environments even if Hub

  5. business.mymanandvanwarrington.co.uk Kunde business.mymanandvanwarrington.co.uk Kunde says:

    Sehr unterhaltsame Lekt re mit einer Menge Parallelen zur deutschen Startupszene Die Welten des ironisch zynischen Autors prallen mit der Candy Awesome wir lieben uns alle Mentalit t des Verkaufsunternehmens zusammen und das ist stellenweise sehr witzig Desweiteren erh lt man Einblicke in die Denkwe

  6. Frohnatur Frohnatur says:

    Dan Lyons is always a good read His personal adventure of a middle aged jouno working for a IT start up with twenty somethings is investigative journalism 2.0 Moreover, it is lots of good laughs, explains the economic sense nonsense of IT start ups and thus gives a bit to think about recommended but not at al

  7. Peter Peter says:

    A fun book to read to see insights of startups

  8. Eichkorn710 Eichkorn710 says:

    Unterhaltsames Buch mit einem Blick hinter die Kulissen der oft gepriesenen Start Up Arbeitswelt und Arbeitsmethoden im Silicon Valley Kritisch und erheiternd

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