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Dialogue Writing dialogue is a challenging art McKee s book DIALOGUE is a great tool for writers John Lassater, Chief Creative Officer, Pixar Walt Disney Animation Studios John Lassater, Chief Creative Officer, Pixar Walt Disney Animation Studios McKee s DIALOGUE is a mother lode of insight and inspiration for any writer His teachings have changed my career and changed my life Robert McKee is in a category of one Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of The Legend of Baggar Vance, The War of Art Gates of Fire McKee teaches what is not yet taught He shines his unwavering analytical light on the structure and invisible substructure of dialogue He takes a craft that is often considered instinctual or magical and reveals its chemical secrets Terry Johnson, writer director, winner of Tony Award, Olivier Award, Critics Circle Theatre Award Writers Guild AwardDIALOGUE is the follow up title to Robert McKee s hugely successful STORY Divided into four sections The Art of Dialogue, Flaws Fixes, Creating Dialogue Dialogue Design Dialogue teaches how to craft effective speeches for characters McKee uses scenes from classic films and television programmes such as Sideways, Casablanca, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Frasier to demonstrate how dialogue is constructed and develops and covers the range of dialogue used on page, stage and screen Readers and students are shown how to ensure dialogue holds the reader s or audience s attention, how to time dialogue and how to retain motivation and to provide productive information within dialogue The skills outlined allow writers in all spheres to create effective and functional speech McKee dispels a few myths and shows writers how to eradicate bad habits, use emotion correctly and to avoid empty dialogue which leads a character and a story into the equivalent of a writing cul de sac An insightful work from an author whose guidance can enhance a writer s style and achievements

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