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Dancing Queen (Simon Romantic Comedies) She is the dancing queen! *cue melodic ABBA harmony* Liv (Olivia) is your typical teenage girl, oh…other than the fact that she gets to spend the summer as an intern at a super popular TV music station in London, hanging out with celebrities and having the time of her lifeeeeee!…what can I say the song really goes with the story? I am a sucker for romance, but this story felt a little too sweet and simple, consisting of stock characters and a predictable plot This would be the average girl who gets noticed by the heartthrob super star, but finds herself swooning at the average boy next door (or in this case, her fellow intern, Colin) Liv also has a lighthearted best friend (and flatmate), Anna, but shares the flat with super self centred intern, Rebecca (complete with a crinkly little dog, booties and all) These type of books are light and easy to read through, but lack a real sense of substance and reality…because in reality when do international super stars randomly fall for you and find your quirks endearing? Too perfect, or rather too hallmark If your looking for a cute and easy romcom, you've found it. Who needs Prince Charming if you've got a rock star? It's official Olivia is a superfreak Sure, she may have landed the hottest internship at an übercool TV music station And yes, she's chilling with Alisters in London all summer But when she meets her very first pop star, she gets caught in a revolving glass door and falls smack down on her bumall in one quick motion Luckily, Rocker Boy thinks Liv's quirks are adorable He takes her clubbing at the hippest spots! Liv may be clumsy on solid ground, but on the dance floor she sparkles The summer's just begun and she's already captured the spotlightand a celeb's heart, too Now if only she was sure he's the right guy This book was quite good I liked the way that it opened and the way it ended I liked the descriptions of the feelings that the charactors were feeling at certain points in the book I loved the way that the author made the things that the charactors were doing sound fun I loved the way that some parts of the story surprise you, you just don't know what is going to happen until it happens It was hilarious in some parts of the book What I didn't like about this book was the way that some parts of the story repeated itself In one part one of the main charactors says Go Girl! and later on in the story he says that exact same thing It was like the two words were put into his brain and someone pressed a repeat button so he said the exact same thing over and over again But overall it was quite good, I enjoyed it heaps and I recommend it to anyone aged 1318 because that age group is the target audience. this was one of those books that started me on the road of YA and while it still holds a special place the appeal of this book did not stick quite so much as others in this set that being said there are so many things i still love about this book despite the fact that this would be my 10th (i think) reading of it i love the setting, any book set in Europe i tend to love and when you add in the teen playing grown up gained by no parents and it gives the book a fun vibe One of the other things i love about this book (no matter how lame) is the chapter titles they are all named after songs and yet still connect with the chapter, with the music theme of this novel this really serves to tie everything together nicely the one big draw back in this novel for me is that the love triangle is weak at best and really if the love triangle is weak is there any point? This book was amazing i really enjoyed it this book was about how this girl named Olivia, but people calls her Liv, moved to London for a job, over the summer she had a job, with 2 other girls, that is dong the same job, and those are also her room mates her room mates is Anna and Rebecca Liv doesn't like Rebecca because she is mean and is very noisy and Anna became Liv's bestfriend when Liv came into the apartment building, she bumped into a celebrity, which is Josh Cameron she was very shocked, when she bumped into a celebrity Liv was very about her job at a record place, and she had a date with Josh Cameron As the summer days went, Liv thought Josh wasn't the gut she wanted, and she wanted Colin this book was very good, and i liked it a lot. I really wanted to like this book, but I just didn't The mean girl character in it has an over pronounced Southern accent that drives me crazy It would be enough to say She's from Texas She has a Southern accent but no Every time she speaks, it's Ah for I and Liuhv for Liv The other characters are from places that would have different accents when speaking English (Sweden, Italy, and UK), but they don't get the phonetic treatment On top of that, Liv put up with way too much crap from Rebecca and Josh for me to like her The book just made me frustrated as I read it. Entrenched in the middle of London, Olivia is interning at a TV music station Between her work and meeting different celebrities, Olivia has to learn to live on her own and maintain her friendships with the other interns.I thought that this novel was fun to read because Olivia's summer seems very exciting I would like to have a summer like hers where I can travel to another country and meet new people Even though some parts of the story didn't seem realistic, it was still entertaining. 3.25 stars It was pretty cute — predictable like the rest of the series She gets the guy in the end, etc The thing that threw me off was the title I was expecting there to me a lotdancing, but the title was a reference to the main character's love of 80s music, not her ACTUAL dancing skills But it was cute. I guess this book was okay The main character was likable, and I loved the fact that she was so clumsy and that it was set in a different country Loved the internship stuff I felt led on a bit about the fact that she liked the movie star or singer or whatever he was, when it was again obvious who she was going to end up with Very cheesey and dorky ending. Stupid In the end, the guy who she likes (Josh Cameron), while drunk, tells her that she's just a rebound for him to get a good title in the tabloids after a bad relationship with Cherie, his old girlfriend.

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