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Crossroads: Conflicted Journey of a New Jersey State Trooper Crossroads Conflicted Journey Of A New Jersey State Trooper was is a riveting authentic read The story begins with the authors roots in the city of Elkanda, NJ coupled with the added garment of race and growing up a Black make in an urban Hood facing life and survival choices every day Dr Martin s story speaks truth to power The books disclaimer is an added source for this narrative His story has the authentic feel of a good friend settling in to confess something that s weighed heavily in their heart.There is a sense of urgency as well as a patient narrative Heart pounding scenerios and racially motivated moments were all told in a clear honest voice There were times I laughed out loud, and moments I sighed in recognition of the injustice described The narrative journey is worth each chapter Read this book It is an important lesson in perseverance, passion and persistence to a final judgment whether complete or not. Definitely would recommend as a Must Read Beautifully written, tear jerking and absolutely awesome I was deeply impacted by the life and times of the author The ability to reflect and understand the impact of our actions can provide a real lesson for the next generation This book provides an opportunity to expand the me too movement, as we attempt to redefine the way we treat each other. Crossroads Conflicted Journey Of A New Jersey State Trooper Is A Book That Details The Author S Revelations About Growing Up In An Inner City And Making Strategic Decisions That Paved The Way For His Entrance Into The New Jersey State Police Along The Way, After Attaining Advanced Degrees, And Attending Law Enforcement S Most Prestigious Training Academy, He Was Assigned To An Internal Investigative Unit, Which Was Purportedly In Place To Ferret Out Racial, Sexual And Gender Discrimination However, After Investigating Several Cases, The Author Witnessed The Pattern And Practice Of Intentionally Stalling Investigations, Which Enabled High Ranked Commissioned Officers To Retire Without Being Reprimanded The Author Reported His Allegations Directly To Those In Charge, But Instead Of Making Institutional Changes, They Retaliated Against Him And Denied Him Promotions The Author Reluctantly Filed A Civil Lawsuit, Which Made Its Way To The New Jersey Supreme Court, Where He Won And Ultimately Settled His Case

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