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Conquest: Thomas Kydd 12 (English Edition) I like Stockwin s style of writing. Another hugely fascinating coverage of the political and strategic history of the region, with detailed explanation of the British intervention and the part played by the Royal Navy Usual comprehensive, fascinating and exciting storytelling can t wait to read the next book in the series. ConquestMr Stockwin has done it again I was a soldier so did not get to spend much time at sea Once, while waiting to join my Regiment in Berlin, and at which time I ended up getting there 24 hours after my suitcase and kitbag and that was me joining Man s service from Boy s service so my first time at the Regiment but that s another story I had a trip on a destroyer from Edinburgh to Portsmouth The ship had an association with my Regiment, as inter service organisations seem to have, a bit like towns in different countries twinning is about the nearest simile I can draw for you I have also been on lots of ferries from Dover to Calais and from Portsmouth Plymouth to Bilbao And, finally a little bit of tacking about in small sailing dinghy s.So, what has Mr Stockwin done again, I hear you ask Well, even if you have never been near the sea reading a Kydd novel by him has a uniqueness about it that is so descriptive, that you can almost taste the salt in your mouth and the spray on your face as you plunge through the waves aboard the L Aurore captained and crewed by the utterly convincing characters at the helm and in the rigging of this ship Whether it be in the English Channel or rounding the Cape into the Indian Ocean you can feel the surge of the vessel as she is in full sail into the next adventure or chapter, it really is that good, and that is what you want from a book A book is something than a collection of the words contained within the covers, a book is a device unlike any other whether it be TV or Movie or Video or Comic.A book is a means by which an author presents to you the reader, his or her words in a way that allows you to visualise in your minds eye every detail of every character of every scene presented in full mind blowing technicolour imagery that only the imagination can present.always much satisfying than on screen, to my mind at least.Julian Stockwin does this so skilfully in the Kydd series and this is clearly down to the research he puts into each book in developing these quasi historical dramas Fiction is cleverly interwoven with past reality and we find that Kydd and the crew of L Aurore, still recovering from their own trials at the Battle of Trafalgar are tasked with the honour of bearing the body of Admiral Lord Nelson back to London for his state funeral, Having been involved in the greatest naval battle of all time you would think that Stockwin would cut them a break with some shore leave, but no, he is a hard taskmaster and no sooner is the body delivered to Greenwich and they are back on the outgoing tide back down the Thames and into the open sea, as fast as they can be re supplied.The Action moves onto Maderia where Kydd is attached a a squadron bound for Africa with Army units with orders to relieve the Dutch of their possession of the Cape and surrounding environs and bring it into the Empire Kydd is attached to Commanding General s staff on land for the first battles and is horrified by the carnage that he sees and that we feel as we also read the description of what takes place, and we like him are praying for relief by being allowed back to OUR ship.Having won a decisive but unexpected victory, while the main opposing forces carry out a tactical withdrawal , well that s what British Army commanders call them, but if you were a grunt like me the shorter version was usually just a retreat, in land, the commander left in charge of the Cape capitulates and hands the town and fort over to the British Kydd is reunited with his ship but arranges for dear Renzi to then become attached to the Commanding General who has become the New Governor and in need of a Colonial Secretary If you haven t read any of the Kydd novels why not you will understand the sublime happiness that this unexpected turn of events gives to the reader to see poor Nicholas so elevated, but you will need to read the previous books to get that feeling you get where Nicholas Renzi is concerned sometimes you just want to give him a kick in the pants to get him motivated, but you do feel for him.So, the race is on by the British to secure their new holdings and once again Kydd is in the mix, fighting the sea and the French to preserve this new part of Empire and all I can say is if you haven t read any of Julian Stockwin s novels you really are missing out They are both entertaining and educating Did you know that Royal Navy ships of old, for example, required both a Captain and a Sailing Master The ship could not sail without the latter who was responsible for navigation, not a function that the Captain was expected to carry out, well, neither did I until I started reading Mr Stockwin, so there you go, have a thoroughly enjoyable read and education for the price of one, what can be had from a good historical drama I eagerly awaited the latest in this absorbing series and have just finished it.I really prefer the stories where Kydd rose to his present eminence from pressed man but, hey, nothing stands still and following a hero is fun I think Julian Stockwin handles maritime elements better than the military ones , which, considering the author s Naval background is not too surprising.The book as ever in this series, is hugely well researched with insightful historical detail and plenty of heroic action by the hero.Bernard Cornwell scores better for Military action Julian Stockwin is supreme for maritime action.I will eagerly await next year s book the only problem is, at my age, will I live long enough to see the series finished I do hope so, as Kydd s journey is one of the very best of its type, putting Julian Stockwin right up there with the greats of maritime fiction. Interesting book, stories are good but rather drawn out.History is fine but Tom and Renzi roles are a bit far fetched in this book Some say that this genre has been overdone since the days of the incomparable C S Forester, but the Kydd series is, in my opinion, the best of the rest though Dewey Lambdin is very good too The South Africa theme is unusual and it is nice to get away from the Mediterranean Caribbean in which so many of the books of the genre are set Lots of swashbuckling adventure and defeated Frenchies, which is what you expect, but there is sex too, though thankfully not very explicit I look forward to further books and wonder whether Kydd will ever reach flag rank there were three Admirals from this era, I believe, who came from the Lower Deck and whether Ranzi will ever get round to marrying Kydd s sister. Having read all of the Kydd series I was wondering how Mr Stockwin would move on from Trafalgar Victory Very little seems to get written about the aftermath of the victory at Trafalgar from a naval perspective, it all seems to move on to the land battles of Wellington Mr Stockwin has taken that step and has begun to show why Britains supremacy at sea was so important for its expansion into Empire Both Kydd and Renzi as characters are moving forward, although I thought the armorous relationship between Kydd and Marie Therese was a bit too obvious a ploy after her finding out Renzi was spoken for I look forward to the next installment with anticipation, as always. have only just found this author, I did get the first four books from a local bookshop, but after that I had trouble finding them until I noticed them on line and now am virtually up to date The one thing I do like about him is the way he has picked events that other authors haven t such as Cape Town and the attack on Buenos Aires He goes it to a lot of detail not just about the naval but Army and the civilian sides of the war as well. I took a long time to get round to reading this book after previously following the first 11 books in the Thomas Kidd series, culminating in the coverage of the Battle of Trafalgar The reason being that novels that focus upon this period often seem to me to lose their attraction after 1805, because the size and nature of the French defeat by Nelson meant that the days of the big fleet action all but came to an end As a result, the story lines often become, for me, less interesting and exciting Not so this book Set for the most part in Southern Africa the story lost none of the interest excitement intrigue or enjoyment of previous books in the series By cleverly linking the story to the actions associated with establishing the new British Empire, Julian Stockwin has opened up a whole to storyline for Thomas Kydd to follow I look forward to reading subsequent volumes as this storyline moves forward. A naval tale of the first orderstar reader reviewVictory at the Battle of Trafalgar removed the spectre of invasion and England is now free to seek conquests and colonies in the furthest reaches of the world Captain Kydd joins an expedition to take Dutch held Cape Town, a strategic imperative to secure the rich trade route to IndiaBut even if the British can defeat the enemy and take possession of the capital, there is still fighting to be done Kydd and his men must defend the fragile colony from attacks by the enemy from all sides, while braving the wild beasts and hostile environment of Africas vast and savage hinterland What readers are saying about CONQUESTI loved each and every page I strongly recommend Conquest to all readers attracted to naval fiction and indeed historical fiction in generalstarsExcellent as alwaysstarsAnother year, another winnerstarsAnother glorious talestarsExcellent, but then the whole series isstars

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