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Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight (English Edition) F r Recherchezwecke sehr interessant, weil da endlich mal ein Betroffener aus seiner bzw ihrer Sicht erz hlt alle anderen B cher bieten ja immer nur den Blick von au en. Praise For Confessions Of A Sociopath A Gripping And Important Bookrevelatoryquite The Memorable Roller Coaster Ride New York Times Book Review Fascinatingpart Memoir, Part Psychological Treatise, And Entirely Not To Be Trusted Boston GlobeThe Goal Of Confessions Is To Redefine Sociopathyor At Least To Shake Off The Stigma Associated With It And Thomas Accomplishes Both Through Her Honest Portrayal Of Herself As A Highly Capable Yet Deeply Flawed Individual, She Demystifies Her Disorder Scientific AmericanFascinating Stuff, And Thomas DeliversrivetingchillingHer Incisive Observations About Human Nature Can Be Breathtakingly Pointed Cleveland Plain DealerAn Essential, Unprecedented Memoirintelligent, MeasuredHer Arguments Against Using The Diagnosis As An Indicator Of Evil Or A Pre Emptive Reason To Imprison Are A Slam Dunk This Is A Critical Addition To Narratives Of Mental Illness, Deepened By The Awareness That We Re Reading Someone Whose Most Intense Motivation Is Acquisition, Retention, And Exploitation Of Power Publishers Weekly, Starred ReviewFascinating And Compelling As Well As Chilling, Thomas Memoir Offers A Window Into The Mind Of A Portion Of The Population That Usually Remains Shrouded In Mystery And Fear Booklist, Starred Review Thomas Invites Us Into Her Courtroom, Classroom And Bedroom To Witness How Her Behavior Has Stunted Her Work Life And Made Her Love Life DifficultMuch Here Is Chilling, But There Are Also Cracks That Make You Ache For HerA Work Of Advocacy For Greater Awareness Of Sociopathys Reach And Conduct Kirkus ReviewsA Compelling, Extraordinary Memoir Into Life As A Diagnosed Sociopath Interesting to read, gives a different perspective from most books films Still, just one perspective Interesting This is a very interesting read, though it requires the reader to see through the author s own self manipulation.This author epitomizes the child abuse victim s narrative Her father was violent and abusive to her and his other children, and her mother was a self absorbed, dysfunctional enabler, and both of them sometimes provided adequately for their children and sometimes did not She describes in the book a few violent episodes and painful dysfunction, such as her father beating her and how he left punching marks on the doors and walls of the house, and yet says point blank that she was never abused This author swears to the tune of so much repitition it appears she is trying to convince herself than others of the following two things 1 that her parents were amazing, did a wonderful job, and loved their children truly, and 2 that she herself was born defective, a sociopath, not normal This is the stereotypical, worldwide and extremely common child abuse victim s narrative idolize the abusers, blame yourself The child abuse victim will blame herself and happily create a story that she was herself to blame for the mistreatment, claiming to herself and to others that she was born bad or born wrong all to protect her image of her parents as wonderful and loving All children in abusive homes do this, and many carry the story throughout their adulthoods too They must do this to enable bonding with their abusers at their young age, and as a result of needing to bond with their abusers, they develop a certain set of skills particularly, they develop a lack of empathy, an inability to connect with others, and manipulation, having to effectively shut down parts of their humanity to tolerate the abuse and to form trauma bonds to their attackers despite it.Yet this author is clearly entirely unaware of how she has herself mentally bought the age old and tired child abuse story She is oblivious to how common and normal her self story is indeed, I fully believe that she fully believes her own story a story built throughout her life and strengthened, first to protect her image of her parents in her child s mind, and then to avoid dealing with her painful past in her adult mind.Critical reviewers here have rightfully doubted that this adult victim of child mistreatment is truly a sociopath, hypothesizing instead that she is narcissistic This is also what I perceived as well Narcissistic Personality Disordered NPD people are hungry for attention, low in empathy, manipulative and malicious, and enjoy feelings of immense superiority to others Naturally, with so many people being diagnosed with NPD a disorder known to often result from child abuse neglect as a coping mechanism a diagnosis or a self concept of NPD no longer offers one the special attention or feelings of superiority any longer So it makes sense that this woman has labeled herself a sociopath and then sought out a professional with the explicit goal to be diagnosed as a sociopath after having spent years studying up on the disorder herself first to provide herself with a stronger self story that would reinforce the child abuse victim s narrative of I was born defective, like this, and my parents are loving and wonderful to have so carefully raised little defective me Indeed, this story insulates her from having to face the harsher reality that is much likely and far less rare than being born a sociopath that her family s abuse, violence, and dysfunction directly caused her to develop narcissistic traits in order to first cope with the abuse, and then to avoid dealing with the painful aftermath Even brain scans have shown that child abuse produces many of the same neurological effects one sees in a psychopath s brain, whether or not those abused do show psychopathic traits acquire a diagnosis of the disorder For this reason, brain scans do not at all answer the question of the chicken or the egg.But this author does not and will not realize any of this Because to realize this would defeat the purpose of her self story in the first place.Some people judged this book as boring I think they took the words of a traumatized and admittedly mentally disordered person in obvious denial my father beat me and I was never abused at face value, and failed to exercise any of their own analytical or critical thinking skills in the process of reading I found this book fascinating It is thought provoking in many ways.Many of the critical reviewers on this page intuitively saw that this woman was deceiving herself, but I think they misguessed at the motives and reasons for her own mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance The author prides herself on her self proclaimed talents for manipulating others, but this author is most adept and skilled at self manipulation.Fascinating read The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is because this woman intends to procreate child victims for herself She idolizes her abusive and dysfunctional parents and the way they raised her Conveniently, she has self diagnosed and decieved a professional into diagnosing her with an untreatable problem now she is off the hook for being accountable to deal with her symptoms, just as any Narcissistic Personality Disordered person would most prefer in her life It is her future child victims for whom I have sympathy. Inconsistent, amateurish, contradictory stories, self serving I guess the perfect product from a sociopath Waste of my time that I ll never get back I pride myself on finishing every book I start, but could not finish this screed I don t know if it was written to brag about her pitiful life, as a confession, as a warning to normal or almost normal people, or for some other reason, but it was unreadable, even for someone who likes to read esoteric medical tomes. There is some good information and insight in this pseudonymous memoir Author M.E Thomas, a self confessed sociopath, albeit a law abiding one, nicely details the sociopath s risk taking, fearless, calculating and transaction oriented lifestyle Appallingly, the sociopathic character appears breathtakingly close to the economist s model of the rational decision maker, meticulously calibrating risk return tradeoffs for all of life s decisions Perhaps that s why sociopaths are said to flourish in the echelons of top business executives.Thomas also draws a riveting portrait of her upbringing by horribly indifferent parents, who present themselves as good Mormons to the world, while badly neglecting their children in private After enduring years of emotional, financial and recurring physical abandonment, Thomas appears to have shaped her personality to cope with an unstable world.Despite an excellent beginning, Thomas s memoir soon descends into an airless and abstract discussion of the author s life that proves oddly revealing of a sociopath s flat affect The author and her family and friends are never fully drawn as three dimensional Rather, they emerge as shadowy paper dolls, out of focus photos cut out from a dated magazine As a result, Confessions of a Sociopath fails to impress and, worse, begins to bore the reader badly.This book would have been better delivered as an in depth feature article.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted M E Thomas author readers around the world.

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