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Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight Partly a bit annoying to read due to all of this self reflexive narcissistic depictions But that s obviously what it s here for showing what sociopathy psychopathy looks like The most important thing You get a close look on a profile of such a person Though I m not sure if you should buy all of it, cause it s very likely she he the author made up many of the details that s a normal behavior of people with such a disorder M E Thomas Is A High Functioning Non Criminal Sociopath She Is Charismatic, Ambitious And Successful You Would Be Charmed By Her If You Met Her, Might Even Be Seduced By Her You Would Not Realise That She Is Studying You To Find Your Flaws, That She Is Ruthlessly Manipulative, Has No Empathy And Does Not Feel Guilt Or Remorse But She Does Like People She Likes To Touch Them, Mould Them And Ruin Them She Could Be Your Friend Or Your Boss She Could Be You.Now She Writes With Breathtaking Honesty About Her Life She Also Draws On The Latest Research To Explain Why At Least One In Twenty Five Of Us Are Sociopaths And Shows Why That S Not A Bad Thing By Turns Fascinating, Shocking And Funny, Confessions Of A Sociopath Is A Gripping Insight Into The Mind Of A Self Confessed Predator. F r Recherchezwecke sehr interessant, weil da endlich mal ein Betroffener aus seiner bzw ihrer Sicht erz hlt alle anderen B cher bieten ja immer nur den Blick von au en. Interesting to read, gives a different perspective from most books films Still, just one perspective Interesting Unfassbar langweilig Das Buch erz hlt unglaublich detailliert die Geschichte einer jungen Frau, die sich selbst als Soziopathin einstuft Im Buch breitet sie ihre unspektakul re Geschichte in jedes Detail aus Absolut nicht zu empfehlen

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