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Cape Cod NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Engrossingentertainingthe perfect book to take to the beach Boston HeraldTwo families, both carried by the Mayflower across stormy seas both destined to generations of proud leadership, shameful intrigue, and passion for the sandy crest of land that became their heritageThis is the story of the Bigelow and Hilyard clans, from their first years on America s shores, through the fury of her wars and the glory of her triumphs, to our own time when young Geoff Hilyard must fight to save both his marriage to a Bigelow heir and the windswept coast he loves It is a struggle that will take him deep into the past, to a centuries old feud that never diedAnd on a dangerous quest for a priceless relic of American history that has lain hidden in the Cape for over two hundred years

10 thoughts on “Cape Cod

  1. Peter Peter says:

    For anyone curious to knowabout the history of Cape Cod and its towns, I can highly recommend this Michener like historic novel A great summer beach read It weaves Puritan family history and actual historic events and people to give one a great sense of both time and place through the past three centuries on the Cape.I plan on keeping this book as a

  2. Rita Rita says:

    Its not often i read a book over and over again But this one is the exception have just finished this book for the 6th time since it was published, and yet again, fropm the very first page i am transported smack into the story.it starts with ann amazing begining that drew me into a time on the Cape a thousand years before the pilgrams into the mind of an g

  3. LK Hunsaker LK Hunsaker says:

    Why is William Martin not a bigger name in the book world I found Cape Cod at a library sale and picked it up for almost nothing, which turned out to be an even bigger bargain than I expected This is a wow story Starting with the docking of the Mayflower and running through to the mid Eighties, Cape Cod follows the line of two families already divided by thought

  4. Linda Linda says:

    The Bigelows and the Hilyards have lived on Cape Cod for going on four centuries, and they began getting on each other s nerves while still on the Mayflower William Martin, way back in 1992, wrote a saga about these families Jack Hilyard is a nonconformist trouble maker, and Ezra Bigelow builds his life around what he perceives to be divine providence Right down to th

  5. Terry Enright Terry Enright says:

    I read this book many years ago and was recently reminded of it Those years have worn away many of the details but I do remember one thing This book was so good, it led me to read others of his and none of them disappointed While I haven t read all of his books yet , I can say that those that I have read, Back Bay, Cape Cod, and Harvard Yard have all been thoroughly enjoyab

  6. Melinda Melinda says:

    All about the settling of Cape Cod The story follows many generations of two families, the Hilyards and the Bigelows, both of whom are Pilgrim descendants There s a long standing feud tied all together with a mysterious missing Mayflower document Fantastic read by a wonderful author Martin has the ability to combine historical facts with fascinating fiction.

  7. Patricia Saffell Patricia Saffell says:

    I m rereading prior to a return to the Cape this summer.Also gifted a copy to my daughter for her first visit.If only all history was so enjoyable to learn

  8. Sue Williams Sue Williams says:

    After visiting Cape Cod this summer, I was drawn into the story because of its history I love the way Mr Martin weaves the story back and forth between the past and the present and how the beginning ties up nicely with the ending in reference to pilot whales Great storytelling I can t wait to readfrom this author.

  9. Janellyn51 Janellyn51 says:

    I really enjoyed this book I do love historical fiction and Martin is a very easy writer to readthe way he goes back and forth from the past to the books present I m descended from the Mayflower, and I like the fact that there were Saints and Sinners on the boat My Pilgrim died the first winter, but his wife and two daughters came on the next boat His daughter Mary, married a crusty old Sailorwho

  10. Krista Krista says:

    I have enjoyed all of William Martin s books, because there is a well researched historical component that unfolds in parallel with a related current story It s like unraveling a mystery along with the characters And the stories are distinct he s not just writing the same formula over and over He s one of the authors that I look for in a bookstore, hoping there is something new on the shelf that I haven

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