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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Volume 8: Last Gleaming The season finale is here At long last, the Big Bad stands revealedmdash Angel is back, and it s tearing the Scoobies apart, testing the limits of their friendship But Twilight s unmasking is only the beginning, and Buffy must still face the ultimate betrayalSeries creator Joss Whedon writes the final story arc of Buffy Season , taking his greatest characters to places only he can Teamed with series artist Georges Jeanty, Joss reunites the dysfunctional gang of Buffy, Angel, and Spike, in the thick of it together for the first time since Season , and gives the Scoobies their gravest challenge ever, defending reality itself from the onslaught of demons It s the biggest Buffy finale ever Collects Buffy SeasonThis volume also includes the spy thriller Riley one shot by Buffy series writer Jane Espenson and artist Karl Moline

15 thoughts on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Volume 8: Last Gleaming

  1. Shinigami Sam Shinigami Sam says:

    Wraps up season 8 nicely, I thought, seems to be some uncharitable reviews here though For me this is where it all came together, along with last GN, and starts to lead us to season 9 There are some major events and twists here which chan

  2. KG KG says:

    Buffy season 8 had a promising start There was a lot to get used to, Sunnydale having been destroyed, Buffy s new home and the slayer HQ is a castle in Scotland This turned out to be a nice setting for Buffy and her new slayer army and the seas

  3. Christian Christian says:

    It should have been such a good premise, put the world of Buffy into that of comics and with no budget limiting imagination a great storyline should come through Unlike the excellent Angel comics, this series has not lived up to the standard that Jos

  4. Ms. N. Thompson-Quartey Ms. N. Thompson-Quartey says:

    Just as you get used to Buffy being this powerful leader, in charge of millions of slayers, giving young girls purpose and changing their lives for the better, Joss Whedon goes and ruins it all by unraveling all her hard work, making her public enemy numbe

  5. simon simon says:

    Great item at a great price well worth it

  6. Gary Pryke Gary Pryke says:

    This season of Buffy has been it s most eccentric and imaginative Joss clearly fell in love with the unlimited budget of a comic and so this season has been completely unrestrained This is a fitting climax to the tale and makes you wonder where the series will go for

  7. H M Reynolds H M Reynolds says:

    Enjoyed reading the previous volumes, as an extension to the Buffy TV series, which I loved.However the finale isn t as good as what follows it, unfortunately.

  8. politics-social-sciences.co Customer politics-social-sciences.co Customer says:

    Nice continuation of the tv series, and great illustration, but I am a bit disappointed with the story It s a bit difficult to read at times, but otherwise ok.

  9. glbainbridge glbainbridge says:

    i love it

  10. Anaxarque Anaxarque says:

    Apr s le d part d finitif de l actrice Sarah Michelle Gellar, la fin de la saison 7 de Buffy, les fans craignirent que ce ne f t la fin d finitive de l histoire.Le sc nariste, Joss Whedon qui avait encore beaucoup de choses dire, en d cida autrement et proposa de r aliser la huiti me saison

  11. Dashlie Sterling Dashlie Sterling says:

    I bought this book to read I love buffy the Vampire slayer I look forward to readibg of thus great series.

  12. James Mulcaster James Mulcaster says:

    This graphic novel completes my collection of Buffy The Vampire Slayer s eighth season at least until season nine comes along.

  13. shla shla says:

    love this book

  14. Aline Aline says:

    L album est en parfait tat, bien prot g pendant son envoiRAs si ce n est un prix exhorbitant, que j ai fini par accepter avec la raret de ce produit.

  15. M. Lloyd M. Lloyd says:

    I don t know what to say about i Last Gleaming i I just finished reading it a few minutes ago, but I can hardly recall what happened Which should say something about it, surely Except that I i can i remember the last part, which was great It s just what happens in the previous four that s a bit tricky.At the end of Twili

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