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Buffy Omnibus Volume 5 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Volumeof the Buffy the Vampire Slayer omnibus series begins immediately after Season , after Sunnydale High has gone up in flames Buffy is plagued by dreams of fellow Slayer Faith, who now lies in a coma Jane Espenson, the celebrated writer from the Buffy TV show, writes the powerful Faith story Haunted And as summer comes to an end, Buffy and Willow begin their first year of college in The Blood of Carthage, a story written by acclaimed Buffy novelist Christopher Golden Meanwhile, Buffy embarks on a new romance with Riley Finn, and Willow and Oz s relationship comes to an end in Golden s Oz Into the Wild This volume also features work by Buffy Seasoncontributors Cliff Richards, Paul Lee, and Brian HortonThis book collects Buffy the Vampire Slayer Haunted, Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Blood of Carthage, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Autumnal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ozmdash Into the Wild, Take Back the Night from DHP Annual , and Killing Time from Dark Horse Presents

12 thoughts on “Buffy Omnibus Volume 5 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  1. Lillian Tibbles Lillian Tibbles says:

    a gift

  2. Glam reader Glam reader says:

    For each story, the writers are usually different Some are incorporated in the show, some are not

  3. Miss GJ Bennett Miss GJ Bennett says:

    My first Buffy graphic novel, and I wasn t disappointed Some interesting stories to add to the world of BtVS Haunted was especially fun

  4. Katherine J. Mitchell Katherine J. Mitchell says:

    Fun to read

  5. StoneHenge StoneHenge says:

    This might be the best of the Omnibus series for Buffy It starts after the end of Season 3.I never thought there was enough of Oz in the series, and this helps flesh out his story some I really liked that.There are also a couple of truly outstanding stories written by writers from the Buffy TV series And a couple stories that a

  6. Saiffer Saiffer says:

    This volume has one really great story from series writer Jane Espenson Haunted I would personally include it into Buffy canon Also there is great story from Chris Boal The Heart of a Slayer which is writer recommended by Joss himself Other stories are ok, sometimes funny, sometimes boring But you definitely should buy this volume be

  7. Cory D. Hurley Cory D. Hurley says:

    It definitely feels like the Buffy world and characters Loved the time traveling slayer one and the oz story.com

  8. pamela pamela says:

    It arrived very quickly, and in great condition I love it, thank you.

  9. Angelzee88 Angelzee88 says:

    I m writing this on behalf of my fiancee as he s the buffy fan he loves it it got to him way early so he got an early christmas present which he loves, these are good quality books and it was shipped promptly I have no complaints..

  10. Zach Wilkinson Zach Wilkinson says:

    Awesome comic and came in EUC

  11. ministry-evangelism.co Customer ministry-evangelism.co Customer says:

    Few pages were loose but otherwise not bad

  12. David Tasarz David Tasarz says:

    this item took longer than promised date no emails what so ever stating that it was going to be late or that they were sorry will avoid buying from this vendor.

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