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Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth The history of the oil and gas industry and how it has permeated politics, trade relations and is chronicled in BLOWOUT, by Rachel Maddow Maddow starts with Rockefeller and the beginning of the oil industry and continues through the beginning of the Trump administration Maddow covers the environmental impacts of the industry, the greed and narcissistic dominance that breeds from oil and gas, and the political highs and lows that have crossed paths with desire to be master of oil and gas Maddow does an excellent job of providing historical texture to each facet of the oil and gas industry From the history of Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma, to the creation and evolution of the magnates in the industry, to the foreign, specifically Russian, approach to oil and gas collection and all of the right and wrong ways they went about it Maddow s black humor and harsh criticism of industry and political leaders is clear she uses those tools to point out the absurdity that all of the greed and naricissism that the industry creates One of the best aspects of the book is the description of fracking how it works, the benefits of it and if done improperly, the multitude of problems it creates Well written and compelling to read, BLOWOUT fosters a greater understanding of the entire industry and while there are moments that Maddow is clearly making her opinions known, the core of the book is refreshingly unbiased and factual Thank you to Crown Publishing, Rachel Maddow, and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Rachel Maddow is a journalist and a New York Times bestselling author She has an undergrad degree in public policy from Stanford University, and a PhD in political science from Oxford.Whereas in the past there was talk of a military industrial complex , Maddow describes the current rogue state Russia fossil fuels industrial complex She writes The dark, heavy drapes were pulled tight on the windows day and night, so 55 Savushkina in St Petersburg, Russia, was a mystery even to people who lived and worked in the neighborhood There were suspicions that the Internet Research Agency was a seven day a week, round the clock operation, but outsiders didn t know the half of it There were only a few minutes a day when the hundreds of laptops in the warren of offices were idle You could see small contingents of twentysomethings streaming in and out of the building, They re so cool, like they re from New York, one observer said Very hip clothing, very hip tattoos But this was no Silicon Valley start up Humourless and draconian was how a reporter from The Guardian described the outfit in a long investigative piece early in 2015 The Internet Research Agency was engaged in constant, rapid response driven information warfare The folks on the social media teams were expected to produce five political posts, ten non political posts, and than 150 comments every two days.The topics and tenor of the political content were decided at the top, every day Their belief one hundred repetitions make one truth The defenders of the truth can be overwhelmed by repeated lies No lie was too outlandish, as long as it could at least plausibly confuse the real news The United States was the key and crucial target Putin s Kremlin was committed to the mission of mucking with American democracy in general, and the 2016 election in particular The savvy well paid kids at the Internet Research Agency had to know how to use stolen identities to set up fake American sounding accounts on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram They had to study up on information provided by fellow agents recently returned from intelligence and contacts gathering trips in the US They had to know where the most damage could be done They had to get up to speed on American culture and politics, and specifically the most contentious and divisive issues of the day immigration, gun laws, race, the Confederate flag At first we were forced to watch House of Cards in English, said one of the trolls who worked at the IRA in 2015 It was necessary to know all the main problems of the United States of America Tax problems, the problem of gays, sexual minorities, weapons Our goal wasn t to turn Americans toward Russia Our goal was to set Americans against their own government To provoke unrest, provoke dissatisfaction cf The Disinformation Report from New Knowledge The IRA, Social Media and Political Polarization in the United States, by Oxford University s Computational Propaganda Project and the Netflix film The Great Hack.Putin s Internet Research Agency was successful beyond its wildest dreams when their preferred candidate Trump actually won the American election.However, dissatisfaction is now brewing in Russia, and, objectively speaking, Russians have a lot reasons to be unhappy with their own government than Americans have with theirs.In 1991, the Soviet Union, dominated by Russia, was the 2 economy in the world.Today, on the other hand, the top 10 economies in the world are 1 United States 2 China 3 Japan 4 Germany 5 India 6 UK 7 France 8 Italy 9 Brazil 10 Canada Russia is not even in the top 10, and accounts for less than 2% of world GDP.How could the 2 economy in the world fall so far, so fast Where did all the money go CNN suggests that although Jeff Bezos is now at the top of Forbes list of billionaires, in fact Vladimir Putin is now the richest person on Earth, with a fortune estimated at 200 billion How Rich is Vladimir Putin , CNN, March 14, 2018.When the Soviet Union collapsed, the money did not vanish, but was rather secreted in accounts and assets of Putin and Russian oligarchs around the world cf Read The Full Russia Oligarch List released by the US Treasury on CNBC.Some people were surprised when Putin publicly criticized climate change activist Greta Thunberg, but it was to be expected, as Maddow explains that Putin has put all of Russia s eggs in the fossil fuels basket When Vladimir Putin first became president of the Russian Federation, it still had the makings of a potential superpower rival It had the most impressive reserves of the most prized commodities on earth oil and natural gas It was the sort of inheritance that, husbanded wisely and well, could have funded a border to border Russian revival education, infrastructure, health services, even fair elections Could have financed new industry and technological advances Could have provided a rich and loamy bed in which a modern republic capable of serving the general welfare of the Russian people would grow Russia had the wherewithal to remake itself, again, into one of the most influential and powerful nations on the planet A free, first world Russia.Putin opted for a shorter and easier path His most fateful decision for his country was that oil and gas wouldn t just be the profitable crown jewel in Russia s diversified economic array it would be Russia s everything And Putin would exercise almost complete control over it, and use it in whatever way he saw fit The country has eroded into a stultifying economic sinkhole for average Russians Despite receiving 1.6 trillion from oil and gas exports from 2000 to 2011, Russia was not able to build a single multi lane highway during this time Young Russians have nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nothing to hope for.The lack of adequate medical care produces five times deaths from cardiovascular disease among women in Russia than in Europe For Russian men the situation is even grimmer Poor workplace and road safety standards, plus high rates of suicide and homicide combine with the negative effects of high alcohol consumption to make life especially precarious According to the World Health Organization, the life expectancy of a fifteen year old male is three years lower in Russia than in Haiti The good news is that opponents to Putin s oligarchy are finally emerging in Russia, notably Konstantin Kotov, Lyubov Sobol, Ilya Yashin and Yegor Zhukov And the world is coming to the realization that we have to wean ourselves from fossil fuels sooner rather than later cf David Wallace Wells Uninhabitable Earth Life After Warming and Stanford professor Mark Jacobson s 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything , available online.Many of the facts in this book about the fossil fuels industry have been recounted elsewhere e.g Naomi Klein s This Changes Everything , as well as much of the information about rogue state Russia e.g Malcolm Nance s The Plot to Destroy Democracy.Maddow s contribution in Blowout is to demonstrate that these two challenges are closely interrelated, and are in fact one, and this is the challenge of our era. Another fascinating and eye opening read by my favorite anchor reporter hero An important addition to her previous book this one focuses on the oil and gas industries Russia, Tillerson Exon Mobil are all exposed and it s a mouth gaping account of corporate greed, lies and how we need to act now, before it s too late. This is a very interesting and very well written history of the oil and gas sector with an American focus and keen eye on how the sector has developed in Russia I follow the news closely each day, but I still learned a lot about even quite recent events If you are interested in learning about the oil and gas sector, climate change or corruption around the world, this should be an interestin read. The history of oil and gas exploration has always been deeply ingrained in politics and conservation as extracting oil and gas is exactly at odds with care for the environment Rachel Maddow, who has her own programme on MSNBC five evening a week, is a matchless explainer of complex stories, pointing out the links along the torturous chains of greed and corruption This is an essential book of illumination and warning and is at the absolute heart of the reasons Trump is beholden to Russia. A good book but seems to be made up of chunks I assume she covered on her TV show The section on Oklahoma and the attempt to rely on lightly regulated capitalism is a fascinating case study in US corruption and failure For the corruption in Russia it is worth reading Red Notice which is better The long history of oil industry lobbying is instructive It is cheaper for Exxon to finance a few politicians and lobby groups than clean up their industry Says it all. Rachael Maddow s investigation into Vladimir Putin s motives for inflicting Donald J Trump on an unsuspecting America and awestruck world, almost incidentally uncovers what we sort of suspected The Oil Industry does what it pleases, where it pleases and when it pleases, with absolutely zero regard for who it hurts and how much damage it does to the planet Just as long as the shareholders do okay If it wasn t so interesting and easy to read, this book would be depressing. I also read the eye opener Daniel Yergin s The Prize which is about the history of oil in America Rachel Maddow takes the same subject and brings it up to date with respect to the global economy There is much to be learned from Rachel s expose on the state of current affairs The hydrocarbon industry s financial inertia is simply mind boggling If you read this book I can guarantee you that you ll vote next November. THENEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERCorrupt Yes Unimaginably lucrative Of course But the enemy of democracy Blowout is the oil and gas industry as weve never seen it before Blowout is a blackly comic switchback journey with Americas most incisive political journalist, from Washington to Siberia and Equatorial Guinea, from deep within the earths crust to the icy Arctic seas We witness the underground detonation of a nuclear bomb, an inept Russian spy ring, an international financial crisis, and murdered cows And what it reveals is not just the greed and incompetence of Big Oil and Gas but why the Russian government hacked theUS election Because Russias rich reserves of crude have in fact stunted its growth, forcing Putin to maintain his power by spreading Russias rot into its rivals, its neighbours, and the Wests alliancesThe oil and gas industry has polluted oceans and rivers but also polluted democracy itself in developing and developed countries It has propped up authoritarian thieves and killers But being outraged at it is, according to Maddow, like being indignant when a lion takes down and eats a gazelle You cant really blame the lion Its in her nature Blowout is our final wake up call to stop subsidizing oil and gas, to fight for transparency, and to check the influence of the worlds most destructive industry The stakes have never been higher As Maddow writes, Democracy either wins this one or disappears Really interesting read Very topical if you are interested in climate change, big Oil and Gas and Fracking Oh and Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin are in this read Great journalism

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