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Becoming Steve Jobs: The evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader THE SUNDAY TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER With A New Foreword By Silicon Valley Legend Marc Andreessen For My Money, A Better Book About Jobs Than Walter Isaacson S Biography New YorkerA Fascinating Reinterpretation Of The Steve Jobs Story Sunday TimesWe All Think We Know Who Steve Jobs Was, What Made Him Tick, And What Made Him Succeed Yet The Single Most Important Question About Him Has Never Been Answered The Young, Impulsive, Egotistical Genius Was Ousted In The Mid S From The Company He Founded, Exiled From His Own Kingdom And Cast Into The Wilderness Yet He Returned A Decade Later To Transform The Ailing Apple Into The Most Successful Company The World Had Ever Seen How Did This Reckless Upstart Transform Himself Into A Visionary Business Leader The First Comprehensive Study Of Jobs Career Following His Dismissal From Apple, Written With Unparalleled Access And Insight, BECOMING STEVE JOBS Offers A Startling New Portrait Of The Most Important Business Figure In Modern History The Most Intimate Biography Yet Of Jobs, Written By The Journalist Who Knew Him Better Than Any Other, BECOMING STEVE JOBS Draws On Recently Discovered Interviews That Have Never Before Seen The Light Of Day, And Answers For The First Time The Most Pressing Questions About What Made This Legendary Business Leader Such A Success Brent Schlender And Rick Tetzeli Render A Spectacular Service With This Book, Giving Fresh Perspective OnSteve Jobs Journey From Inspiring But Immature Entrepreneur Into An Inspired And Mature Company Builder Most Important, They Capture Jobs Resilience, His Refusal To Capitulate, His Restless Drive To Stay In The Game, His Voracious Appetite To Learn This, Far Than Genius, Is What Made Him Great Becoming Steve Jobs Gets The Focus Precisely Right Not As A Success Story, But As A Growth Story Riveting, Insightful, Uplifting Read It And Learn Jim Collins, Author Of Good To Great BECOMING STEVE JOBS Is Fantastic After Working With Steve For Over Years, I Feel This Book Captures With Great Insight The Growth And Complexity Of A Truly Extraordinary Person I Hope That It Will Be Recognized As The Definitive History Ed Catmull, President, Pixar And Disney Animation

8 thoughts on “Becoming Steve Jobs: The evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader

  1. Marty McFly Marty McFly says:

    Wer die offizielle Biographie von Walter Isaacson gelesen hat, wird sich an einigen Stellen vielleicht etwas mehr Au ensicht gew nscht haben, namentlich v.a mehr Stimmen aus dem Umfeld von Apple in sp teren Jahren Diese neuerliche Biographie, die z.T auf neuen Gespr chen u.a Tim Cook, Jony Ive , sowie div

  2. Oliver Völckers Oliver Völckers says:

    Dies ist die zweite Biografie, die von Steve Jobs nach seinem Tod erscheint Dieses Buch ist sympathischer und wird dem Menschen Steve Jobs besser gerecht als das Buch von Walter Isaacson Der Autor Brent Schlender ist im Gegensatz zu Isaacson ein Silicon Valley Insider und seit langer Jahren mit dem pers nlichen Umf

  3. Martin Martin says:

    Mir hat gefallen, dass auf alle Facetten der Pers nlichkeit Jobs eingegangen wird Die Zusammenh nge werden klar Diese Biographie gef llt mir besser als die weit oberfl chlichere von Isaacson.

  4. Godwin Godwin says:

    very well researched and written Quite frank and doesn t really paint SJ as a saint but also doesn t vilify him as other books aim to do It simply shows he s human We ve all got our strengths and weaknesses Bu to sum it up, his strengths totally moved the human race forward

  5. Rami El-bawwab Rami El-bawwab says:

    Dieses Buch begleitet Steve von den Anf ngen von Apple bis hin zu seinem traurigen Ableben und zeigt nicht nur ihn, sondern auch die Situation und den Werdegang von NeXT, Pixar und Apple, bis hin zum iPad 2.Interessant, bewegend, lesenswert

  6. islecook.co.uk Kunde islecook.co.uk Kunde says:

    After having read the Isaacson book a while ago I was eager seeing a different perspective Of course I have no relation to Jobs and can t judge about accuracy but the Schlender book for me forms a credible image I did like both books but this one does focus on Jobs personal life and his thinking, which I find particularly fascinating I can fully recomm

  7. W.R. German W.R. German says:

    Loved this biography, a vital counterpoint to the official Walter Isaacson tome There is a lot insight into how Steve Jobs learned from his mistakes and on how he ent about getting treatment for the cancer that eventually killed him.

  8. Helmut Schell Helmut Schell says:

    Ich bin begeistert In meinen Augen die beste Biographie berhaupt, mit der zutreffendsten Beschreibung der EDV Branche in den letzten 30 Jahren, speziell von Apple.Von wachen Reportern fl ssig geschrieben.

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