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Barbed Wire Heart I liked the back and forth of the book and that each chapter explained something pivotal to the next part of Harley s plan It doesn t detract from the story, rather it paints a deeper picture of Harley and you learn about her organically, rather than being shoved down your throat I like how she s built a strong woman who supports other women, and there were many strong women who support women throughout the story Just a really nice, solid book, that isn t too touchy feely, but makes you feel good when it s done Restored a bit of faith in humanity. crikey what a good story excellent stuff young lady 4.5 starsWow This was Wow.First things first this might be on your radar because you loved Far From You that s why it was on mine but it s important to note some things This isn t gay i mean, there are some references to side characters being in an m m relationship and that s important and i m not trying to discredit that, i just wanted to point out that other than with FFY it isn t a theme It s an adult book, not YA, and it s even heavier or at least, it was for me And FFY was immediately one of my favourites This book is GREAT, like all caps great, obviously, but fell just short from a full five.They also are alike They re both well written, complex, and whilst intense also super character driven The characters are incredibly well written and so real They re just Honestly, I can t even explain it I love Harley just like I loved Sophie from FFY and i just really want to encourage you to try out Sharpe s books and her craftsmanship Everything is morally grey and I love it The set up of the book with one part present and time sensitive and dangerous, and one part flashbacks.Anyway, this book was amazing It is a feminist suspense thriller about Harley McKenna, the only daughter of the crime lord and unofficial ruler of the place where they live About her life and her choices and the people in it About fighting for a better world in a dark place About compromise and real, hard truths and realising the storybook good isn t an option for most people and places About morals or the lack of them About women and their strength About black and white, but most importantly, about grey.It s unapologetically hard, and unapologetically feminist This is the moment he realises that he s screwed.That he s nothing That there s nothing stronger than a woman who s risen from the ashes of some fire a man set.There is a little bit of romance and Will, the love interest, is Native American The romance isn t really a plot point though, of an existing thing, there and alive and complicated and one person to defend and care for above all other things And I loved that.This book needs extensive trigger warnings, which I encourage you to read before choosing to read the book or not, and you can find them on Sharpe s tumblr If it s safe to read for you and you think it sounds interesting, I highly recommend it And if it isn t or sounds too heavy, there is no shame in that Take care of yourselves. I loved Barber Wire Heart, I am a huge fan of Tess Sharpe and was v curious to read her adult novel Sharp writes with the passion and skill of the best YA writers with adults themes and captures a strong girl with a passionate heart brilliantly and adored the structure of the backstory in this totally recommend This one put its claws in me from the first line I m eight years old the first time I watch my daddy kill a man Harley McKenna is raised as the only child of widow Duke McKenna, the violent top dog criminal of North County And he raises her to survive anything including his enemies coming to harm her A tough and gritty read as adult Harley struggles with how much of her mother she is including running the motel for abused women seeking help and how much of her violent criminal father she is She s now reached a part of life where she must decide what will happen next, and she s got a plan, but will anyone come out of it alive I loved Harley, who isn t a tough girl character just in term, but a very real character that has been shaped by her life and is doing her best to not only survive but to just be I really love Sharpe s writing of girls and women and look forward to from her If I d gotten to this one last year it definitely would have been on my 2018 favorites list Can t recommend enough if you re a fan of dark crime shows like Ozarks. Read the description on Not sure it was my cup of tea however after reading the reviews, decided to risk it I was blown away Harley is our female hero for the 21st century It s the Sopranos meet Ray Donovan only the hero is a woman Couldn t put it down and I loved the story Can t say enough about this book Good vs evil is sometimes ill defined She made it make sense I loved her writing and this book. Barbed Wire Heart grabs your heart from the opening line, and then dives right into your soul You can not stop reading it It is gritty and dark, yet perfectly real Tess Sharpe brings the stark realities of rural America to life in startling clarity Tweekers, meth labs, the criminal class, and the victims But for all its stark prose and superb craft, it is the supremely empowering tale of a young woman coming of age in a world of methodical violence A rare and unusual novel. What a great book I couldn t put it down until I finished it The author drew the reader in to a unique setting Geographically, I used whatever hints I found to pinpoint the location of the action just to prove to myself that it could really exist Fascinating Hints of Sons of Anarchy, but don t let that stop you The characters were each compelling in their own way, good and bad And such good writing I hated for it to end but couldn t stop reading until it did I guess you ll just have to read it Imagine you are eight years old Imagine you see your father bringing a man into a shed Imagine watching your father kill that man.This is how Tess Sharpe starts our journey with Harley, protagonist of her newest novel, Barbed Wire Heart I probably don t have to tell you how hard it was to put down this book after a start like that.I have to admit, this novel was different from what I expect much so Some things were not surprising this is a story about violence Domestic violence, sexual violence, deadly violence It s there in all its facets, from people you expect it from the most, and from people you should expect it from the least From people close to you who mean well and are violent nonetheless.It would have been easy to make this another simple revenge story Tess Sharpe wrote a better one Barbed Wire Heart understands that violence cannot be the goal A means to an end, yes, but never the solution itself And so it becomes a story that talks about how to overcome that violence Whether it s women who give shelter to others, where they can feel safe again Or women who protect each other Or a young man who has been through much himself, and yet is gentle and kind Or the conscious decision to do things differently.The book speaks up about sexism and the most brutal parts of the rape culture we live in To a smaller degree, it also speaks about racism faced by Native American characters, though not quite enough, I think Generally, I was missing some intersections What about trans women for example Tess Sharpe emphasizes that all women deserve support but never spells out what all means, exactly Sadly, I think we live in a time when that s still necessary.What it does spell out, though, is how important empowerment is To take action yourself or to get others to have a choice again To give back some level of confidence, to have them stand up for themselves.For that, I loved the book For the author s willingness to talk about difficult issues without being clich d or getting lost in stereotypes For letting characters be soft and hard at the same time, for letting surviving be a strength, for not ignoring uncomfortable discussions about our loved ones faults Also, apart from all this, Barbed Wire Heart is an gripping thriller And for this at the end of the day, other people s sexism is their weakness They won t see you coming.Thrilling, painful and important Have a look at the content notes the author posted on her blog, but if you can read this one, do give it a try. This powerful debut thriller from a major new talent Kirkus set in a poor, rural community where loyalty is everything, packs an emotional punch Lisa Gardner as the daughter of a meth kingpin is forced to choose between family, or freedom Never cut the drugs leave them pure Guns are meant to be shot keep them loaded Family is everything betray them and die Harley McKenna is the only child of North County s biggest criminal Duke McKenna s run guns, cooked meth, and killed men than anyone around Harley s been working for him since she was sixteen, dreading the day he d deem her ready to rule the rural drug empire he s built Her time s run out The Springfields, her family s biggest rivals, are moving in And they re coming for Duke s only weak spot his daughter Duke s raised her to be deadly he never counted on her being disloyal But if Harley wants to survive and protect the people she loves, she s got to take out both Duke s operation and the Springfields Blowing up meth labs is dangerous business, and getting caught will be the end of her, but Harley has one advantage She is her father s daughter And McKennas always win

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