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B.O.D.Y., Vol. 1 Everyone ThinksYear Old Sakura Has Weird Taste In Guys Because She Can T Stop Drooling Over Fuji, The Strong Silent Type Who Sits Next To Her In Class When She Discovers He Works For A Host Club Where Women Actually Pay Men To Date Them Will She Finally Wise Up Or Will He Leave His Job To Be With Her Or Will She Take A Job At The Club So He Can Quit And She Can Be With Him Only One Thing S For Sure In BODY You Can T Put A Price On Love

10 thoughts on “B.O.D.Y., Vol. 1

  1. Ashira (Savannah) Ashira (Savannah) says:

    Just looking at this manga as it sits on my shelf makes me feel girlybut I feel better after seeing Hell Girl, Kenshin, and Hellsing sitting on the other end.It s a manga definitely made for those into romance comedy, cuz even the back tells me that s all it is I like it, cuz I like romantic comedy and sometimes I need somethingrelate able than demons and evil and vampires an

  2. Noran Miss Pumkin Noran Miss Pumkin says:

    This manga is a mixed bag of sorts The writing really shines, and is fresh The drawing, though is uneven I am not a huge fan of this wispy style, but this series grew on me just the girl Sakura is just not done as well, as the teen boys Also she has the same reaction to him all the time hit or shove, then run away The violence, oh her part is just over the top and uncalled for

  3. Jessica-Robyn Jessica-Robyn says:

    Rating 2.5Grabbing B.O.D.Y of the shelf, the story seemed cute or at least cute enough to be a fun manga style romance The main characters are what made this story for me, with the contrast between them and the twist in how their romance plays out made me interested in seeing where things would go By the time I finished reading I couldn t tell you the characters names, but the

  4. Laura (ローラ) Laura (ローラ) says:

    Sakura, a typical high school girl has her ideal boy in mind and in sight the silent, serious, studious and cute Fuji But when she discovers he s anything but her ideal, what will become of their relationship A typical high school romantic shoujo manga The art is a bit generic and uneven and I find the story a bit tiring Not to say it isn t a fun read, but I would suggest there

  5. Destiny Destiny says:

    This was a cute little volume I m curious to see what happens between Sakura and the main boy I also liked that the author thought to put the periods in the name of the series name like t.a.t.u I consider myself to be quite the t.a.t.u fan and that little addition just tickled me But I will be gett...

  6. Kayla Kayla says:

    Pretty good manga, but so far it doesn t seem like it will be a favorite or anything The girl is a typical manga character that over reacts Still, I read it in one sitting although that s not too hard with manga and am reading the next one too.

  7. Usako Usako says:

    Cute story Typical school setting manga And yet I am addicted to the series.

  8. R R says:

    So interesting and fun I can t wait to read

  9. Deborah Takahashi Deborah Takahashi says:

    Ryoko knows what she wants in a man He has to be athletic, kind, smart, caring, and dark haired Although she has never had a boyfriend, she knows that her first kiss will be with the man she falls in love with Unfortunately, instead of finding Prince Charming, Ryoko met Ryunosuke and her world was turned upside down Although Ryunosuke meets her standards, there is one small problem R

  10. Amanda McCoy Amanda McCoy says:

    I call this a fluff manga The story is cute and everything, but it s not exactly the most deep or complex story in the world Also, this series isn t a whole lot different from hundreds of other manga printed by ShojoBeat If you like this one you ll probably like High school debut, or Beauty pop, or Punch There really isn t that much difference between them Of course, I poo poo them no

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