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All The Light We Cannot See Dieses Buch ist grandios Anthony Doerr hat ein unglaubliches Talent als Leser ist man immer mitten im Geschehen Man kann die Gef hle der Hauptdarsteller f hlen Angst, Verzweiflung, Hoffnung, Liebe, Trauer, Wut Alles ist sehr detailreich beschrieben und hat doch eine Leichtigkeit, die man bei B chern von solcher literarischer St rke nur selten findet Ab und zu musste ich das Buch zur Seite legen, weil ich emotional zu sehr mitgerissen wurde Daher meine Empfehlung Lesen sie das Buch, wenn sie Zeit haben Lassen sie sich von der Geschichte mitrei en, sie werden die Geschehnisse f rmlich sehen k nnen Und halten sie w hrend des lesens ein Taschentuch bereit.Absolute Kaufempfehlung but as with any refreshment alcoholic or non , too much of a good thing can have negative side effects For me, Anthony Doerr s flowery fantastic prose was intoxicating at first rapid fire short phrases then, and filled run on sentences that meandered along to become stand alone paragraphs The pace and images they create are hallucinogenic something that could never be imitated in a movie The flashbacks and fast forwards can, of course, but here you end up with a lack of orientation Ultimately, your mind s eye is forced to conjure up so many vignettes that the reading becomes tiresome and you wish the author would cut to the chase A must read for English 101 and journalism students Joyce s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man comes to mind but quite a schlep for readers who just want a good old bedtime story. Das Buch l t einen nicht mehr los Elemente des Phantastischen werden mit der Realit t verkoppelt und scheinen dadurch ein genaueres Bild der Wirklichkeit zu geben als es blo e Beschreibung verm chte Das Geworfensein des Individuums in die Umst nde wird gezeigt ohne dieses jedoch von seiner Verantwortung zu entbinden F r einen jungen Menschen kann die Erkenntnis eigener Verantwortung manchmal nat rlich auch l nger dauern Man mu das Buch lesen blo e Nacherz hlung u erer Handlung vermag ihm nicht gerecht zu werden Die Atmosph re ist dicht, handelnde Personen sind plastisch beschrieben, Bewertung und Einordnung berl t der Autor vern nftigerweise dem Leser. The book is intense, describing both feelings and world The characters are well pictured Maybe something I didn t like is its very slow in some parts The vocabulary is beautiful, rich, unusual I recommend it for the hope in it I find it an unusual and tender view of war times and of modern European times It s not a light book, but the atmosphere it brings remains inside the reader untouched Worth to read it. One of the best books I ve read in a while The author managed to involve you in te story to the extent that you felt that at times you were present and part of it all, even though a spectator Gripping Strong and meaningful characters Beautifully written von Frankreich St.Malo und Zeche Zollverein in Essen Da ich beides gut kenne macht das bestimmt den Gro teil meiner Begeisterung f r das Buch aus Klare Kaufempfehlung f r alle, die ebenfalls beide Orte kennen This book has received a lot of high praises, but I am not so sure about whether the book is so brilliant Some of the storytelling was beautiful for sure even if a little forced at times , but other sections were predictable or unrealistic I enjoyed it until the moment where Marie Laure reaches Saint Malo, but found the story to drag on after that My biggest gripe was with the brevity of the chapters and the switching back and forth between the main characters, which prevented me from developing a feeling of immersion in the story Also, the final few chapters were just not necessary in my opinion. Longlisted for the National Book Award The epic new novel, set during WW, from Sunday Times Short Story Prize winner Anthony Doerr Deftly interweaving the lives of protagonists Marie Laure and Werner, Doerr illuminates the ways, against all odds, people try to be good to one another Ten years in the writing, ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE is his most ambitious and dazzling work I came across this novel accidentally and it s one of the most moving and exciting I ve read for a long time The story is set in WW2 Europe, mainly France and Germany but also Russia etc It tells the story of a young girl, Marie Laure who went blind as a child and lives in Paris with her father, Daniel Leblanc, a gifted locksmith and miniaturist who works at a prestigious museum as keeper of the keys, and makes models of the city and its streets to teach his daughter how to find her way around the city They live for each other At the same time, we meet little Werner Pffenig, and orphan who lives in an orphanage in Germany with his sister, Jutta, under the maternal eye of Elena, the French matron They listen to broadcasts in French that speak of the earth s wonders, of brilliant birds, flowers and stars , on a recycled radio that Werner has managed to assemble from street detritus That is his great skill, working with all things electrical, especially radio transmitters His future is mapped out for him, he will be sent down the mines to help the Fatherland, the Fuhrer, etc the same mines that killed his father But life had other plans for him The story weaves backwards and forwards with a rich caste of characters both simple and complex, evil or kind, there are greedy traitors, cruel psychopaths, heroes and heroines on both sides all told with detail that makes the scenes come alive Does the silken voiced broadcaster really live in a house with 1,000 rooms And how is he linked to The Whelk Who is the giant Werner meets at training school who terrifies all the boys by his presence What must Marie Laura find in the house at Etienne s the last command her father gave her before he left for the museum What have Captain Nemo and The young girl broadcasting on a forbidden radio have to do with the psychotic Nazi hunting relentlessly for a priceless treasure as his life ebbs away So many questions all slowly and gradually linking up The suspense is heightened then comes the calm only to be jerked back onto a knife edge We witness mindless cruelty and incredible kindness and love, and as the bombs blitz Paris under German control, then St Malo as the Allies close in, the different threads, the pathos, the horror and yet courage, hope and survival, sometimes purely physical since minds have been lost, is so gripping, so moving I couldn t put the book down You keep hoping that the various characters will be found will return somehow, and the wounds, both physical and emotional will be able to heal It s very sensively written, with characters that you feel you ve shared sunny mornings and untold terrors with A great novel to remind us all of the horror and inhumanity of war, and yet the indomitability and also the kindness that humans are capable of A novel for baby boomers and millennials alike Highly recommended. This is a simply beautiful book It is however, deceptively long, if you are reading electronically you will plough through 10 or 15 chapters they are extremely short and think you are flying through only to discover you have only moved on 3 or 4% But the story, the characters depth and fullness and the descriptions of times and places are just perfect It is one of those books that gives you a pain in your chest and brings tears springing to your eyes even when you think you are inured to what you may already suspect is coming.

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