✪ AD Skyraider Units of the Korean War (Combat Aircraft, Band 114) pdf ✩ Autor Rick Burgess – Paydayloansnsi.co.uk

AD Skyraider Units of the Korean War (Combat Aircraft, Band 114) Typical well researched Osprey publication. The Douglas AD Skyraider Is Considered The Most Effective Naval Aircraft Of The Korean War Despite The Emergence Of New Jet Fighters That Captured Public Imagination Built To Replace The World War Workhorses Like The Dauntless, Helldiver And Avenger Diveand Torpedo Bombers, The Skyraider Operated Numerous Combat Missions From Carrier Decks And From US Marine Corps Land Bases Throughout The Conflict Drawing From Personal Interviews With AD Pilots, The Authors Paint A Harrowing Picture Of The Deadly Combat Of This Often Forgotten Air War As Pilots Took On Chinese And North Korean Forces During Daring Night Attacks And Whilst Outnumbered In Daytime Attacks Good reference material for Skyraider fans. Tremendous book well done with plenty of stories about the mighty Able Dog in Korea A joy to read full of fascinating information on the type and the cover art is among the best ever produced in an Osprey work. Just what I needed My father flew a Skyraider on the USS Princeton and there are several references to his squadron.Seller was very prompt.

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