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A Force for Justice: The Maurice McCabe Story THE UPDATED BESTSELLERSergeant Maurice McCabe Never Set Out To Be A Whistleblower When, In , He Complained Of Shoddy Investigations Into Serious Crime In County Cavan, Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For What Was In StoreFor Exposing Gross Incompetence And Corruption Within An Garda S Och Na, He Endured Vilification, Bullying And Harassment By Forces Who Wanted To Bury Him And His Inconvenient Truths Worse Still Were The Vicious Rumours And Falsehoods, Which Had A Devastating Effect On His Whole FamilyTheir Painful Journey To Vindication Was Only Completed In October , With The Publication Of The Disclosures Tribunal Report, Which Revealed How Ex Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan And Superintendent Dave Taylor Had Conducted A Campaign Of Calumny Against An Officer Of Exemplary Character From The Award Winning Journalist Who First Broke The Story, A Force For Justice Is The Definitive Account Of The Greatest Scandal Ever To Emerge From The Irish Police Force, And The Personal Price Paid By Maurice McCabe In Pursuit Of His Duty To Serve The State

6 thoughts on “A Force for Justice: The Maurice McCabe Story

  1. Cathal O'Rourke Cathal O'Rourke says:

    An up to date account as of around April 2017 I guess of Ireland s widely known police whistleblower, Maurice Mc Cabe.I have been following this story closely, mainly through the website broadsheet.ie since the story began making headlines.Even though quite a fair amount of the information here is already in the public domain, the author presents the info in a nicely frame

  2. Kevin Devlin Kevin Devlin says:

    Interesting story Sets out an insight into the behind the scenes working of the police force from Sgt McCabe s viewpoint The story is not yet concluded as Mr Justice Charlton is examine all the various allegations This will require a second book with the conclusion to the story That will be the final chapter in the saga Based of the McCabe Story and the other whistle blowers al

  3. Don B Don B says:

    Superb analysis of a black chapter concerning policing on this island The ramifications of this particular episode should chill all decent fair minded people to the core.The main protagonist, Maurice McCabe, stands out as a person of the highest integrity Mick Clifford, as well as Maurice McCabe, has done the state considerable service, in simplifying these sordid events for the gen


    Excellent A must read for anyone interested in modern Ireland Mick Clifford one of the outstanding journalists of our time

  5. mr p limerick kid mr p limerick kid says:

    Maurice McCabe is a hero This is simply a must read for Irish people Maurice McCabe was put through hell.

  6. Derek Clements Derek Clements says:

    Well researched, engrossing and revealing book.A must read to understand how abuse of power can damage the citizen and undermine democracy.

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