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Kamachi, K: A Certain Scientific Railgun STRANGE BEDFELLOWSWhile searching for answers and her missing Sister, Misaka finds herself facing a new ruthless enemy who takes her mother and Uihara as hostages But when this new foe accuses Misaka of crimes she never committed, Misaka is left wondering exactly who she s fighting and why At least Kuroko and Saten are willing to help, despite their impaired memories but even that isn t enough to get to the bottom of this mystery Misaka may have to turn to a very unlikely ally for help

13 thoughts on “Kamachi, K: A Certain Scientific Railgun

  1. T. Alexander T. Alexander says:

    While continuing her search for Misaka 10032, Mikoto is contacted by a mysterious girl who accuses her of interfering with her organisations plans but Mikoto has no idea what she is talking about With the help of Saten and Kuroko, Mikoto finally manages to confront

  2. E K. E K. says:

    I m so pleased I started reading this series.

  3. G. M. Johnson G. M. Johnson says:


  4. Thomas Thomas says:

    A great continuation for the scientific railgun series ending with a rather powerful cliffhanger.

  5. roberto__ww roberto__ww says:

    No mucho que decir, los que ya conocen el manga saben que es un gran spin off de Index, y que vale la pena tenerlo, ya que es casi imposible que lo licencien en M xico, y adem s la versi n en Ingl s est muy bien, sin duda un manga que no puede faltar en la colecci n de

  6. Erich Zann III Erich Zann III says:

    This is definitely a five star series for any science fiction lovers out there It s got a good mixture of comic relief and mixes fantasy and science fiction perfectly The ninth book really brings us further into the darkness that hides just under the veil of Academy Cit

  7. W. Barbour W. Barbour says:

    This is my favourite arc in Railgun I just had to buy all the volumes for the arc 7 10 would definitely recommend

  8. James M James M says:

    Well just read the volume 9 and wow to think she can manipulated memory on everyone and the scene is very awesome good story though Well now misaka is going to go to level 6 Well its a good steady volume to read the next volume will be an epic battle.

  9. Nathan F Wallace Nathan F Wallace says:

    The Academy City spin off manga continues to amaze and delight as it leads us deeper into the Darkness of Academy City and its chief architect of evil Dr Kihara Gensei.Will Mikoto become level 6 will she ever get her boy Stay tuned for the next issue

  10. Sangued Sangued says:

    What I was looking for.

  11. Genaro Quintana Genaro Quintana says:

    Good book with chapters leading to best part of the storyline.

  12. Charles Charles says:

    This series never disappoints If you liked any other volume I m sure you ll love this one.

  13. tangy tangy says:

    a good read for my son.

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