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101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die Whether it be internal demons, real life vampires, anonymous serial killers, crazed spouses, vengeful ghosts or Satan himself, horror films have gripped audiences and filmmakers alike since the very beginnings of cinema Prepare to be terrified, fascinated and enthralled as you take this whirlwind tour of thehorror films you must see before you die Horror Films You Must See Before You Die gives you a thorough appreciation of the genre, because it approaches the subject chronologically You ll move through gothic classics like James Whale s The Old Dark Houseand Terence Fisher s Dracula, to zombie movies like Dawn of the DeadandDays Later All the sub genres are covered too, from Eyes Without a Face mad scientist and The Howling werewolf to Nightmare on Elm Street slasher and The Silence of the Lambs serial killer And you ll learn that it s not just American teenagers who are horror film fodder There are classic horror films from Japan Onibaba , Russia Vij , Italy Suspiria , France Les Diaboliques , Belgium Man Bites Dog , Germany M , and the Netherlands The Vanishing Immerse yourself in the most compelling of movie genres Prepare to be possessed and whatever you do, don t answer the phone

About the Author: Steven Jay Schneider

STEVEN JAY SCHNEIDER is a film critic, scholar, and producer with MA degrees in Philosophy and Cinema Studies from Harvard University and New York University, respectively He is the general editor of the best selling 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, 501 Movie Stars, and 501 Movie Directors.He has written and edited a number of books about cinema, including Traditions in World Cinema Edinburgh UP , Fear Without Frontiers Horror Cinema Across the Globe Fab Press , and New Hollywood Violence Manchester UP

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